Ok, I’m ready to promote Wealthy Affiliate - 3 months in a row is enough proof!

Last Update: June 03, 2019

I held off from promoting Wealthy Affiliate in the first few months of joining. I like to test things out before recommending them to people.

But three months of consecutive Amazon earnings (two orders for June already) have proven that the training here is more than enough for anyone with the right mindset and diligence and persistence and ... whatever-it-takes attitude can do this.

This proves that Wealthy Affiliate is not some Ponzi scheme, where the only way to make money is to refer it other people.

Instead, I have a real business. A brand even. My own online magazine based on a topic I’m interested in. I put in the time and I get results.

So I think I’m ready to let the world know about this wonderful place.

And when they ask the dreaded question, Have you made money with it? I can now give a resounding YES!

And I have Amazon proof! More income streams soon to come...

Hang in there y’all. Write like you life depends on it and go crazy, get mad, neglect your house, feed your kids the same thing every day for three days. 😀. (Something nutritious)

Just do it.

Months later things will turn and then you can buy them their favorite take-out and hire a housekeeper.

Till next time,


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laurenjean Premium
Congratulations Rey! You are cookin`!
RAFStuart Premium
Well done Rey.
mcknisu Premium
Oh Yeah!!! Just do it!!
Reymott Premium
Yeah, that’s the key. Just do it!
DarrenNicola Premium
Hi Rey,
That is great news, so glad to hear you are making progress.
WA is the place to be.
Reymott Premium