Oh You Silly Monkey!

Last Update: October 30, 2009
Did you know that Internet marketing is so easy, a monkey could do it?
Ok maybe not that easy, but this is a cake walk guys!  Why do I say that while you read this and go, "Oh yeah John whatever you don't know how long I have done this and how hard it is!".  Yeah, I do hear you, so listen to me as a guy who joined WAU and started making money in 2 weeks:
Ok, part of this is luck I'll give you that.  But it's a very small part!  IM is an organized sequence of events that you will need to do to end up with the result you want.  My favorite catch phrase is "Action = Reaction".  I swear I am going to make a product with that name...steal it and I am coming after you. ;)
This isn't hard guys (and gals).  IM in it's most basic nutshell is this... it's a big secret ok so shhhhh!  In my opinion there are two ways to start the process:
1.) Find a niche keyword phrase .. or
2.) Find a product
Both have pros and cons but I would vote for the first option as the route to start on because it is easier to match a phrase with a product than visa versa in my opinion.
Once you have that, it all boils down to targeting the traffic you need.  We do this by writing great articles!  Well, that's how I do it.  You might do a PPC campaign.  But I like to write.  I write like a mad man who just got stung in the butt by a pack of wild bees!  Write like your life depended on it!  You want to drive people to your site and you are competing with thousands, maybe millions of websites!  Get that article out there!  THIS ISN'T HARD but it does take effort.
So what comes after that?
You get paid.  Sound good?  Sound too easy?  Well it is!  You find a good keyword phrase, you write those articles and the rest is up to the "IM" gods and the people searching.  If you did you homework, you will yield results and that is ALL that article marketing is.
It's 1:30 am, I just busted out 5 more articles and I am soon going to bed.  Let this be a good word to all that find it - THIS IS EASY BUT IT TAKES EFFORT!  
ACTION = REACTION... so get out there and make it happen if you really want it!
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Revelation Premium
I have done many things. I used landing pages, Squidoo pages, my own website and sent the customer straight to the sales page. I say use as many tactics as you can. :)
jatdebeaune Premium
Just a little question John. Did you make landing pages, or are your visitors going right to the offer? I'm starting with the WA rogram itself. Wonder if I need a landing page. Thanks.
idm Premium
I think it can be as simple as you say here. I think for people who are used to struggling this sounds too good to be true. Luckily it's not.
Honey Premium
Well said, Rev!
Once again, we are both up at ungodly hours trying to make it happen. I wrote 5 articles in one day for the first time yesterday. By article 4 the process got easier and I definitely have a much more organic feel for it now. It's about 4:30am in the Windy City and I'm calling it a day. Just thought I'd post a quick comment. Peace my brother :)