First 100 Dollar Day

Last Update: October 17, 2009

Well it happened... my first 100 dollar day since I joined WA!  15 days into it and a lot of typing later, I made 4 sales!  Man I am excited.

Long story short, I found a niche that wasn't being used.  The quoted results did have 30,000 results but the articles on top were written poorly.  So I went for it.  Long story short again, I hit Google's front page in positions 1,2, and 3... and the product I am selling, his website is spot 4! LOL!

So I started making sales and hope this last for a bit.  It was great and wanted to document it here!

On to the next! 

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TheRichKid Premium
Well done m8. Great stuff. You are dong better than myself. Only had one lousy sale. Congrats man.
HAHAHA! HIS site is number 4 AFTER your 3! Round of applause everyone! Well done my friend. (you made HIM #4. that's classic)
SkylerV Premium
I also recommend using social plugins like "E-MAILiT Social Media Sharing Widget" "Facebook Comments" "Facebook Comments Notifier" or similar. Your ecosex blog is something that I can see being easily shared on facebook by both serious inquiries and people who are amused by it. Once again good luck!
1courage Premium
Congratulations Revelations! I'm excited for you. You show us newbies what is possible if we are dedicated to learning and taking action. Good for you.
Manker521 Premium
That is great news, congrats!!
idm Premium
Dig it.