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Last Update: December 27, 2015

Early in this month I created a new website about Fashion, and was so very excited about it as this is my most passionate niche. After a while, I began to experience all the headaches I had with my first website. One of them being "how to get my website verified in google", (my biggest headache). That was so hard for me to do. So I engaged in live chat and for a while it was like a game of monkey see, monkey do. I would read someone's suggestion, then go see if it worked. NOPE! So back I go for a different suggestion.

I am a very patient person and do not give up easily, so I don't mind this. Then someone in live chat told me something that I had never thought to do before, which was to look around WA and check out what goes on here, go back to the beginning and read it all over again. So I did, and I found out that he was right. I was just working the training and applying stuff to my website, and not fully engaging in the things around me. I learned that there is a lot to see and learn about if I just stopped to have a look around. I found out that you can stumble upon interesting knowledge by nosing through this wonderful community.

Thanks to that advice, my new website is now verified in google, and it was easier when I stopped banging my head against the wall about it, to see that it was actually a good idea to go back to the beginning of the lesson, and read it all over again. And when I did, I found out that I misunderstood some things the first time, and that made it easier for me the second time. It's a great idea to pay attention to what's around you because there are some very valuable information right under your nose.

Today when I was through in live chat, I scrolled down to see what everyone else there was talking about. I didn't learn anything then, but right away, I could see how I can learn a vast amount if I just stayed and watched the conversations going forth, even if they're too advanced for me now, I could definitely relate to them later.

In my conclusion, I just want to say that Wealthy Affiliate is far more Awesome than I ever imagined it was. I will definitely start looking around and paying attention to what's going on around me. Thanks to all the exceedingly talented people here at WA!

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
Yes. This is a good place if you are a beginner. People naturally strive to show their knowledge. Here Kyle channels that desire for recognition in a single direction.
SowAndReap Premium
Hey Retha, WA has some really, really talented marketers here. I've come across them myself and started digging in their profiles. I've learned so much from them and appreciate the valuable input they provide us with to help us in our journey. Glad you were able to figure out how to verify your new site in Google. Congrats. :)
RethaT Premium
Hi Evelyn, you are so right about the talented people here, and I want to thank you for asking mijareze to share his link about email marketing. I read trough the 9 lessons and found it to be overwhelmingly helpful, and he's another talented one. So now I have even more work to do, but I'm not complaining, I absolutely love it! Thanks again, you're the best!