Relieved - Problem Solved

Last Update: July 18, 2018

Today started out a little stressful. I had a hard time figuring out how to add something onto my website. A task I had to complete in order to continue my step by step training Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn't get a few things to work out for me. I was going through my training steps and got stuck. The training step had a video but I didn't understand what I was supposed to do so I read through the instructions. I followed the instructions completely and I was still stuck and you know how that feels like.

Ask Questions - When In Doubt

I did what I normally do is ask questions. I asked my questions in the members' area in Live Chat. I am so glad that Live Chat is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for Premium members' only. There is always someone available to help. I had a few Wealthy Affiliate members' try to help me but I couldn't explain it so they can understand what I was talking about it was better to just show them but that was not possible. Some of them tried their best to help me. I just couldn't explain what was happening without them seeing what I was talking about. Not being able to figure out what I was doing wrong or not doing wrong I got more frustrated because nothing wasn't working out.

Time Away - Relaxed - Relieved

I took some time away to relaxed for a bit. I made me something to eat and then I came back to my computer took a big deep breath and started to figure it out. It took sometime but I was relieved that I finally figured it out. I searched it on the internet and I had to read some instructions and figured it out. I mentioned to the Wealth Affiliate members' that were helping me and they told me how to do it. I told them thank you but I already figured it out. Sometimes it feels good to figure things out on your own but It is always nice to have help when you get stuck.

Grateful - Community - The Best

Wealthy Affiliate Community are THE BEST people I have ever met. They are very nice people. They answer your question in a timely matter and do it in a very polite way.They are their to encourage people. They are their to share their ideas, experiences and skills. They are people that have the same interest as I do. Everybody working on building their websites to generate income and be financially independent. I am So GREATFUL to have a community of FRIENDS that feel like family. Helping each other to be successful. In the live chat most of all the questions are answered.

Life Full Of Surprises

Life is full of surprises you never know what will happen in your day. It can start out frustrated where everything goes wrong or it can all start out full of surprises where everything is going good. We all need to have some patience and find ways to solve our issues. Getting mad does not help. Taking your anger out on someone else does't help you any. We need to be calm and work it out. Helping someone who is frustrated take a lot of skill. There is a right way and a wrong way. I have noticed that with the Wealthy Affiliate community they know how to do it the right way. They are highly skilled with lots of experience. They treat people how they want to be treated. Using their kind words professionally. It is a good feeling knowing that you have a 24-hour support team rooting for you and wanting you to succeed. It makes you feel special. Everybody is determined to solving the problem.

They are an awesome community. If it wasn't for Wealthy Affiliate and their community of members I do not know what I would be doing now. Building a business is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be a successful online affiliate marketer. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do. You need to take your baby steps. Wealthy Affiliate and its community is the right place to be if you want to build a successful online affiliate marketing business. They will teach and help you achieve your goals and dreams. It's a place for newbies like me that what to succeed.

My Day - Problem Solved

My day started out with a problem. I had issue that I was not able to solve. I used my resources to find a way to solve my problem. I didn't get the answer I needed right away. It took some time so I took some time out to relax and feed myself. I came back with a refreshed mindset and found the solution to my problem. The response I received from the Wealthy Affiliate community was unbelievable they were working so hard to find the answer to my question. They did not stop trying until I was satisfied the answer. Getting your answer is a great and wonderful feeling because now you can continue with your step by step training and completing your task. Completing your task leads you one step further in your training and soon enough you will be done with your training and then you will be receiving your certificate of completion. That will be a great accomplishment. You will be an expert in your niche. You will have all the right answers to help other achieve the same. You will be able to give other people advice and help them solve their issue that they are having. You will share your skills and experiences. That is where I want to be soon. Helping others with their problem and giving them solutions to their problems. To your success in finding your answer to your questions and finding solutions to your problems.

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WendaSue Premium
Sometimes, truly, the best thing to do is just walk away. Get away from the problem. Then, when you come back, sometimes the answers just pop in your head. :)
Great post. This is an amazing community.
All the best,
Renede Premium
You are right Wenda Sue. That is what I do when I am tried or frustrated I take a break and walk away and do something else or sometimes I would grab a snack. Come back refreshed to start again.
RAFStuart Premium
You are so right this community is awesome.
Renede Premium
I am so proud to be a part of this community.
3tripleA Premium
Glad you got it sorted . Best wishes