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Last Update: July 21, 2018

I am finally getting the hang of writing pages of content on my website. I have posted several pages of content already on my website. It has taken me awhile to put it all together but I can honestly can say that I am very proud of my work in process. It is taking me longer than I expected but it is okay and it will be worth it in the long run. I know in time I will get better at it. I need to practice writing more often.


It doesn't take time to come up with an idea for a content page or post. Figuring out how to organize it how you want is a little hard. Your paragraph writing has a certain sentence structure. I come up with the title of my paragraphs first. Then put your detail in order of what you are going to talk about. So you know that your first sentence is going to describe what you are going to talk about. Next is your body of your paragraph which is going to give details of what you are talking about and finally in your last sentence will be a summary for what you just talked about.


It is a little challenge for me to have a conversation in person but I overcome it in my writings because I am usually not able to express myself in a way that people can understand me. Sometimes when I am talking I go around and around in circles and have a hard time getting to my point out. I repeat what I said over because I feel that the person I am talking to hasn't gotten my point. At times, I feel I don't have power in my words. At sometimes people talk over me and I give up on explaining myself. In my writings I am able to express myself and explain my ideas and my information that I want to share. I can take my time and think about what I am going to say. I enjoy writing and expressing what I have in my mind and in my heart.


Over the years I have found that I am a very emotional person. I hold my emotions inside until it burst out. Every day, I am keeping it under control. One of the techniques I used to control my emotions is I keep a life journal. I write in my journal what I am feeling or thinking at the time. It can be a happy, sad, mad or anything that is bothering me. It is easier writing it down on paper and I can analyze it and figure out my feelings. Sometimes we let our emotions control us. I know it is always better to think it through before we say something. I sometimes know we say things that we don't mean and ask ourselves why did we say that. It has taken me a long time to come to this point in my life where I can express myself through my writings. I am taking one day at a time.


To have written a book has been a life long goal since I was a teenager. In school as part of our weekly homework we had to read book and write a book report. We had to explain in detail about the book we read. I love reading books. It is one of my past times. I wish I had more time to read. You can learn a lot from books. I get into the book or magazine that I am reading and it takes me away and I am able to block out any distractions and it helps me relax and any stress from that day leaves.


The obstacles I was having with my writing were not being able to express myself. I found a solution. I needed to take initiative to just do it that was the only thing stopping me from being afraid. Now I can take my words and express them in ways that people can understand. My writing now people feel more relaxed enough to where they can express themselves too. Now I don't have a hard time expressing myself. I have learned over the years that I can express myself better on paper than I can in person. So I made it my mission to practice writing letters to my family and keep a journal of my thoughts and emotions. I mostly won't about what I was feeling at the time. That was a way I could release what I was feeling. It was sort of journal.


I am thankful that I have found a company like Wealthy Affiliate to help me improve on my writing skills and push me to my full potential by making me go through their step by step training in detail. In each training level we have to complete certain task and writing one content page/posting that we add to our website.Writing was part of the training we needed to complete. This is helping me improve my writing skills.Writing meaningful content came easier. It is helping me to become a better writer. I can finally say that I am getting the hang of it. Writing content is becoming easier as I do it. The more I write the better I become at it.


I found a way of writing more can over come any fear of not being able to express yourself. I found this way through Wealthy Affiliates by doing the step by step training. In each level in the training Wealthy Affiliates encourages that we write more content to your website. There is a writing task that you need to complete in order to go to the next level. I feel great that I am able to complete the task so I can go on with my training. It is a wonderful feeling to have completed something that you had a struggle with. Thank you Wealthy Affiliate.

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celestems9 Premium
Well done, You have to start somewhere. The more you do it the easier it will become. It's always a great feeling when you achieve a personal goal.
Renede Premium
Thank you and yes it is.