Logdown cooking show at own home camera

Last Update: Apr 13, 2020


Logdown cooking show

Finally, talk to my mind what to do at home to avoid a hundred and a thousand worry during this log down time. Then I started new cooking recipe and I think it is giving me really less worry than before. Also, having good time what I am doing right now. You should make yourself busy as well if your can. Not only cooking I am doing, backing as well. One of my friend was asking me 'why your are cooking every day I answered back and said 'I am in heaven' thank God for that. I was almost getting crazy days log down system. Which is necessary to do for all my global families.

Now, what exactly I am cooking? Don't be too hungry folks,

Coconut Beef with green chili paste

Sweet Chicken Roast

Loved it. Opp's i am not your all really making hungry. The main idea is keep your busy and stress less, because we are having extremly bad time right now. So chill and keep your mind happy that's all. We can not do much, but we change ourself to be happy and healthy right? Love yourself and Take care.

Be safe, Be healthy.

God bless your all

Recent Comments


Hey Sham,

I am inviting myself over to dinner for those tasty looking dishes. Do you mind sharing he recipes?

Take care my friend.

Maxine ❤

I will MAXINE. Thank you. I will share recipes very soon for you. Take care and be safe.

You're most welcome Sham.

Looks delicious, Sham! Stay safe, my friend!


You are expert in cooking. Wishing you great success in WA.

Thank you Johan, Just trying my best to be busy that's all.

Keep on doing it remapot3, you are doing good.


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