Impact of COVID-19 on the Aviation Industry, 2020 Pandemic Globally

Last Update: May 30, 2020

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Aviation Industry, 2020 Pandemic

As we all know that Global Aviation industry is really facing a big time due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Not only Aviation Most of the business has the same impact because of the recent crises and it is just a unexpected time that everyone having it. Aviation Industry is really concerned with the manufacturing and operations of multiple types of aircraft and its services globally.

The Industry used to make profit more than any other industry before the COVID-19 pandemic include increasing disposable income across the globe. All of sudden aviation industry after the pandemic unable to manage number of international as well as domestic flights are getting cancelled because of this unfriendly virus. Immediately all types of visa are getting cancelled of foreign people, and locking down affected areas, which is also one of the major reasons behind the slowing down of the aviation industry.

So sad that Aviation Industry are getting affected that included Qatar Airways, Emirates, China Eastern Airlines, Lufthansa, Boeing, Airbus, American Airlines Groups and Delta Air Lines too. I just found that Qatar Airways suspended all of its flights to Italy because of pandemic of COVID-19. So for as known, Qatar Airways grounded all its ten A380 aircraft until 31 of May 2020, as the measure of COVID-19 outbreak. Also hard that Emirates also halted most of its passenger operation as a result of the pandemic.

Hope WA like the Information about the Aviation industry Pnadamic world sisuation we are facing.


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It's pretty devastating to many industries, Sham!


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