A mircle baby!

Last Update: October 23, 2018

Special creation of God. They Rush to the hospital, took her in a room for examine, "Pain" "Pain", please help me. She also carries multiple fibryet and that reason she is having double pain, birth and fibroid pain at the same time. Waiting outside next to the room,I was hearing Dr.s and nursing, "50-50" chance to live and hard to see the young parents with lots of stress, having firs born. Baby was only 6 months, Mother had multiple fibroyed just next to womb.

Tremendous pain and taken to the emergency and started treatment carefully to stop the birth, because of early birth. Dr.s least need three more weeks to save the baby and mother. They can save one, mother or the baby, what a challenge. Husband already have given his decition, "please save my wife" only. The mother continuously crying and screaming "please save my baby, I need him desperately", "Please" Please". Asking her mother "Mum, Please save my baby", Don't let them through my baby". Mother told her "Do you believe in GOD, if so then he will save you both and trust me".

Now the boy has been treated for nearly 3 month steel under special care, where only Mum and Dad are allowed. He has artificial breathing and food system, lots of cable on his body to monitor. Because, he was a very critical baby in the premature section. Incredible Dr.s and nurses doing ex trimly hard work. Especially the greatest creator of this world "The God" has designed the situation for him and helping him to grow not in the Mums womb, in the funny world where all Aliens are breathing.

So, who did not have any chance to live (50%) here in this world at all. Nature of the world want him desperately that's all. Hope you believe in MIRICLE now??

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Yes, I believe in miracles, Sham.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
MKearns Premium
A most wondrous and blessed experience Shamsun!
remapot3 Premium
Thanks a lot Mkearns. Yes it happened in front of my eyes. unbelievable.
Miracles are blessings.
Sham, miracles are witnessed by good people.

All the best,
Naxine :)