My first weekend at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: September 15, 2013

Hi everyone!

My first blog here on WA!


I just felt the need to share about my first experiences within this community. So far it has been really interesting. I signed up last friday in the evening and spent some time getting to know the site. Yesterday I worked through the 10 lessons of the "Get started Level 1" course and completed all the tasks. The way it is set up really motivates you to complete the tasks and even though some of them are very easy to do, it does help to understand and appreciate what you're doing and what you have allready accomplished. Most of us want to see big results in the first day or week. But we need to let it all sink in a little. Get used to new technical terms, set up new accounts, set up our first website, etc. etc...

Choosing my niche(s):

I've chosen a niche at this moment which is "indie games" but I'm not quite sure if I will continue with this. I mainly chose it to just have something to start of with and get to know all the systems. I grew up with 3 brothers and gaming was a big part of my childhood, like so many others. Nowadays I don't have the time to spare for the big popular games. They just ask for too much commitment. That's why I prefer smaller, more casual and often more original and creative games. I'm not a fan of the cheap, often rather ugly little games you can find a million of all over the internet for free. I'm talking about the indie games where developpers worked on with passion and really bring us something innovating and deeply immersive. The idea I have right now is to target those brilliant known and less known indie games, buy them, play them, review them and blog about them on my website and build up a steady customer base.

More then one option:

Here's the thing though. What I'm also good at is to help peope become more aware of who they are and what keeps them from unfolding there full potential. In other words personal development. I have spent over 13 years (I'm 28 btw) reading, researching, following countless courses in different meditation techniques as well as Martial arts (Taiji, Qigong and Wing Chun) and self development trainings of all kinds. I have a ton to share about this from my own personal experience and would love to make my own website with my own blog and eBooks to help people improve their lives.


I'm not sure though to start of with the games or with the personal development or mayby both at the same time? I know they are completely different things but as a person we all have our background and many interests. I have a feeling that I might be more willing to try new stuff with the "indie games" niche because in some ways it feels less important to me although it might be very enjoyable to do. The "self development" comes very natural to me because of all the years of experience but I still feel hesitant to put myself out there...

I'm curious about your opinion!

So I'd love to hear from you! What subject do you prefer personally and which of the 2 would you prefer business wise? Don't be shy and let me know your thoughts and ideas! I surely appreciate them!

Best of luck to all of us!


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DarleneJones Premium
especially in terms of motivation, we all need a little push now and then :)
Rein Premium
I can be quite the enthousiastic person and love to transfer that good feeling onto others. If you ever need a boost with something, just let me know and I'll see what I can do Darlene ;)
DarleneJones Premium
Personally I would start with the self development one. There is less competition out there vs gaming. Plus you could share with us and help us out in the process :)
Rein Premium
Hey Darlene, thanks for your 2cents. That's a great idea actually. I could share and tweek my material within the community before going "live" on my website.