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October 25, 2013
Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I cancelled the subscription because I'm going to Indonesia (Bali) for one month. I'll be revisiting the community when I return!! Good luck, enjoy and see you when I'm back ;) Rein
Hi everyone! I just want to share the absolute importance of this community as a real, tangible group of people with similar goalsettings and dreams lead by guys with experience and an honest motivation. I advise each and every one of you to revisit the starting discussions every day or every other day and just connect to the continous flow of new people joining WA. It helps us to get to know eachother and makes way for infinite possibilities. Often small things that seem unnoticable at first c
September 17, 2013
Today I decided I wanted to start working on course number 2 and therefore go premium because I felt the need for more information to keep going. Turns out that with this kind of subscription you need a visa or other credit card attached to your paypal account in order to pay. I might miss out on the bonus but hey... I was planning on getting a visa for some time now anyway for other purposes as well so who knows... it might arrive just in time... 3 days 8 hours 45 min and 30 seconds as we spea
Hi everyone! My first blog here on WA! Sharing: I just felt the need to share about my first experiences within this community. So far it has been really interesting. I signed up last friday in the evening and spent some time getting to know the site. Yesterday I worked through the 10 lessons of the "Get started Level 1" course and completed all the tasks. The way it is set up really motivates you to complete the tasks and even though some of them are very easy to do, it does help to understand