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Last Update: September 23, 2013

Hi everyone!

I just want to share the absolute importance of this community as a real, tangible group of people with similar goalsettings and dreams lead by guys with experience and an honest motivation. I advise each and every one of you to revisit the starting discussions every day or every other day and just connect to the continous flow of new people joining WA. It helps us to get to know eachother and makes way for infinite possibilities. Often small things that seem unnoticable at first can turn out to be a major advantage later on. An example would be that I want to write my own eBooks and that the day I decided this, coincidently.... 3 new people followed me in a row that are all involved in writing their own material and allready have experience with this.

If you jump in and don't take a little action every day then the initial hype will wear of... it's a natural evolution. If you want to see something grow, water it every day. Be patient. Let things progress naturally. And above all, take advantage of a strong community because it's a rare thing indeed in the business world to have.

Reach out to new and existing members alike and see what possibilities pop up for you! If you like, you can give an example down below of someone you met here at WA and the significance it had and or has on your learning, your business and on you as a person. Looking forward to hearing your stories!

Best of luck to all of us!


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Jewelz Premium
Couldn't of said it better, really I couldn't!! You are so very correct!!
All true!
Taking action everyday, and meeting new people is truly fantastic. I get so very many new ideas, or thoughts, from everyone, moment by moment, its so incredible!!
Oh, and don't forget to hit the LIKE buttons!! That's for us newbies!
Great read! Total agreement!
Rein Premium
So what's the latest idea you had because of your interaction with a WA member? I'm curious :)
DarleneJones Premium
I totally agree. We all need the support of this community new and old alike.
Rein Premium
Don't forget you also support the community ;) Thanks for the read!