SAC 2021 Update - April 2020 - New Income Milestone!

Last Update: May 02, 2020

My dear WAers,

The above picture was me on the 1st of May. I knew I was getting paid so as soon as I woke up, I checked my stats and I was amazed!

Now, a lot of you are probably going to be disappointed that you didn't earn an income from WA yet. But this post is to show you that if you stay the way, that great things are in store for you.

And if you recently just joined WA and are wondering whether this works or not, then this report should be the deciding factor of whether you should let this opportunity slip and chase get-rich-quick schemes (that don't work!) or to work hard here to achieve greatness.

Anyways I have quite a bit to share with you guys today because in April, I crossed a few milestone that I just couldn't wait to write about!


1) I had a total of 82 WA Starter Referrals (It's going up again! I only had 74 in March)

2) I got a total of 6 new WA sales. NEW RECORD IN A MONTH!

3) I had 7 recurring WA sales!

4) My WA income came to a total of $344USD - about $490 CAD

5) My Google Adsense earnings was at $62 USD - about $88 CAD - for the whole month.

6) My total income for the month of April was $406 USD (about $579 CAD) which is my HIGHEST monthly income since I started at WA!

7) I also met my goal of writing 20 review posts in the month.

8) I updated my WA review, my landing page, and even my squeeze page.

9) I made in 4 months this year what I made for the whole of last year! As you can see below, I made $934 USD from WA for the whole 12 months, while this year, I've already surpassed it!

It looks like I might just make 3 times the income this year, but I'm also working hard to get to Vegas 2021. So I will work even harder this year to achieve this!

10) My conversion rate is WAY better this year so far since with 290 referrals, I converted 15 into sales. I had over 600 referrals last year and only converted 14. :D

11) I have almost 1700 subscribers on YT and only about just over 800 watch hours to go to get monetized! That's so exciting! It will be just another income stream for me, my 3rd to be exact.

12) I have a total of 1740 email subscribers. All I've been doing so far is getting my list to convert to WA but I know I gotta figure out how to monetize my list soon. My fear is becoming listed as one of those spammers though!

13) I have a total of 424 posts on my websites, most of which are reviews.

14) I had over 600 more visitors in April than I had in March, so it looks like traffic is growing nicely as well.

I guess this just comes down to tweaking your reviews and making use of the RIGHT words that hits home with this one.

One MISTAKE I Learned From

Well, you all know how we've been getting the "breadcrumbs" problem with Google Analytics. So as soon as my theme provider made the update of the theme available, I updated it, thinking that everything else is going to be well.

But the truth is that I forgot that the theme update would probably overwrite the code and completely erase my Adsense code that I pasted within it.

So for a whole 2 days, I made NOTHING from Adsense. That's a shame because I was so close to beating my Adsense income too!

But you learn new things everyday and making mistakes is just a way to ensuring you learn your lesson and move on, not to repeat it next time.

This is a MARATHON - not a sprint!

This is what most people need to realize!

Sure, we hear about the overnight success stories, and how people were able to replace their job income with their online income in a year!

But the truth is that for the majority of people, success isn't gonna come that fast. It depends on so many factors.

It depends on YOUR time availability, how fast you learn, how much you apply what you learn, your niche, your keywords, your audience, your methods...

If you noticed, everything comes down to YOU. You will reap what you sow. If you sow only 1 hour a week, you'll only make an income sizable to that. But if you sow 1 hour a day, that's much more you'll reap, and maybe even faster too.

WA is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a business that will be sustainable for the long term. As long as you're following the training and investing enough time actually DOING, you will reach your destination if you don't give up.

What Journey To Success Looks Like

You expect that the journey to success will look something like this, right?

But the truth is that it looks a little more like THIS:

As you can see, it was not a straight line to success for me and it won't be for the majority of people trying to get a break through online. The most important thing is what you do during those troughs, in order to achieve the peaks!

If I hadn't pushed through in July 2019, then can you imagine me missing out on that BIG growth in October/November?

Can you imagine me missing out on my income milestone this month? I'm getting goosebumps as I write this, LOL!

The truth is that my business still isn't where I want it to be right now, but I'm on the my way there, right? It's still better than when I got started.

You're On A Bridge Right Now

This journey is like a bridge - having joined WA, you're on this bridge right now. Going forward will cause you to reach the other side at some point. We just don't know how long the bridge is or what obstacles you'll face along the way.

And if you decide to give up, know that you'll fall off the bridge and you'll need to start ALL OVER AGAIN later. So don't give up, because if you keep moving, you'll get to the other side eventually.

Just take one step at a time. If things don't go right today, there's always tomorrow! Don't give up!

Lots of Love,


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Mishkavaec Premium
congrats well done
RDulloo Premium
Thank you very much!
Mishkavaec Premium
Keep up the good work we are always here for you.
mmonterola Premium
Big congratulations! Your efforts are paying off. Keep it up!

RDulloo Premium
Thank you Marita! Yes hard work pays off, especially here at WA.
Fintyd Premium
Congratulations Reyhana,
Your success will rub off on others that are trying to make it work, you hit the nail on the head, it happens to so many online ventures, people get dissatisfied if they aren't making any money after year one or even year two, I know how tough it is but you are so right the only attitude to have is to keep going no matter what happens it ain't perfect but the other side of the bridge is within striking distance.
Well done thanks for writing this I inspirational post.
RDulloo Premium
Thank you, Fintan.

I really hope that it rubs off on others, because you're right! Too many people give up right when they are about to see a break through.

Yes, it is tough and it's so tempting to give up but the tree will bear fruit in time, as you water it and keep taking care of it, right?

Wishing you the best!
edhozubin Premium
Reyhana - That is absolutely great what you have done. You have put in the work and have never given up your goals. You are living proof that every one with the heart and desire can accomplish the same. I tip my cap to you and keep shooting for the sky.
RDulloo Premium
Thank you, Edward!

Yes, it's really a matter of not giving up. There will be ups and downs but that's not reason enough to quit.

I wish you success!
statius Premium Plus
Wonderful progress and very inspiring post. All the Best to your continued Success.
RDulloo Premium
Thank you, Joseph! :) I also wish you the best this year.
statius Premium Plus