January 2020 Income Report - SAC 2021 Update!

Last Update: February 03, 2020

Hey everybody. Sorry for the late update but it's better to be late than never, right? This update is going to be short and sweet.

1) I had a total of 71 WA Starter Referrals (not happy about that becase I had over 100 in Dec 2019 but I guess it is to be expected after the holiday season)

2) I got a total of 5 new WA sales (new record).

3) This means that my conversion rate is at 7% (also a new record! - my average on other months were really low, like at 3%)

4) I had 2 recurring WA sales

5) My WA income came to a total of $110.50 USD.

6) My Google Adsense earnings was at $65 USD ($85 CAD) for the month (that's the highest it has ever been)!

7) My income from promoting other programs comes to $94 USD.

8) My total income for the month of January is $269.50 USD.

I'm not too happy with the number of posts that I wrote - only 14. My goal was 20 but I didn't work at all the first week of January. I was still winding down from the holidays.

But I am pleased that the total posts on my website is 385, although I wanted to have more than 400 at this point.

I'm also happy that the total number of visitors for January on my website was 10,216 but it's been declining from November 2019. I guess it must be because I slowed down.

I have also been off of my YT channel for over a month now because my laptop broke down and won't turn on. I traded it in and I have to receive the credit for the laptop before being able to buy myself a new one.

The computer that I'm using right now does not have a mic or a camera, which is why I haven't been able to post anything at all on my YT channel. As a result, I haven't been getting many subscribers and my watch hours have been stagnant.

I really hope that this credit gets processed soon so I can buy my new laptop aand to bring up my YT channel.

But I do consider myself lucky to be able to at least work on my website because if I didn't work on it for over 1 month, I wouldn't have been able to make as much progress.

My Goals For February 2020

1) Maintain my income from my website.

2) Write 20 posts on my SAC website.

3) Publish 4+ videos on my YT channel (as soon as I get the laptop).

4) Refresh my 6-Day email course for my subscribers.

5) Refresh my guide.

6) Update at least 10 older posts.

7) Update myself on the SAC training

8) I will definitely try to do more, like using SiteComments, and being more active on the WA platform.

Thanks for reading everybody! Let me know how this month went for you and what you intend to do to get better. I would love to hear of your ideas and your goals.

Lots of Love,


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kmer6 Premium
Congrats, Reyhana, on your steady earnings. I am curious, can you use your smartphone to record videos for your YT channel? Also what software do you use for editing your videos? I need to start recording videos but I am at a loss as to everything I need.
Thank you,
RDulloo Premium
Thank you, Ken. :)

Because of the niche that I'm in, I need to record my computer screen while I explain what's going on. So doing that on my phone will not be possible.

Additionally, I wouldn't be able to edit the videos on my phone either. And even if I was somehow able to transfer the video to the computer I currently have, I wouldn't be able to hear anything (there isn't a mic, a camera or speakers) to be able to edit it.
amhil23 Premium
Another great month!
It's always inspiring to see that hard work can pay, especially when that hard has led you to write nearly 400 articles on your website.

Not many people can claim to have written so many posts, so right of the bat you're killing the game!

At this point I'm just hoping to replicate your current results in my very near future, particularly the premium conversion rate so, please continue putting out motivating content so others in my shoes can remain motivated and convinced that the system wealthy affiliate teaches does actually work!
RDulloo Premium
Absolutely Amhil. I'm happy with how the month turned out, for the most part... :)

Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy reading about my progress. I'm happy to be nearing the magic number, as per Grace. HIHI

You can definitely do it too! Just take it one step and one day at a time and do your best in that one day. If I haven't done anything significant in a day, I don't feel good and literally can't sleep!

My online business is also a way for me to get away from the daily stress. It's something that I really enjoy doing. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't still be here today.

That's where I understood when Kyle said that every niche has potential and to choose something that you are passionate about. After 2 years, I'm still in the same niche and still have things to write about.

I enjoy talking about it! LOL

Keep going! You will get there!
amhil23 Premium
Yeah, I feel the same, if I don't finish a post and publish (provided I have the time which I more or less always do have) I do kinda get bummed out about it.

On the other hand, sometimes I finish everything too early and my mind doesn't rest even though I want to rest so, I try and write another one and publish it to overcome the feeling of not getting enough done.

I guess in the end of the day it's all about balancing everything. Also most definitely, it is important to pick a niche you're passionate about or at least interested in especially
If you've never done this blogging/Affiliate marketing. I'm sure so many individuals trip up on that initial hurdle.
RDulloo Premium
OMG! Haha, same here!

Yes, it's all about balancing the time we have. And I agree, if somebody's never done it before, it's hard! And it was hard for me since affiliate marketing was new to me, but it just goes to show that persistence and consistence (with passion!) can really help your business bloom.. :)
Zarina Premium Plus
Congrats on your achievements, Reyhana! 👏

I saw "CAD" and thought hmmm... she must be living in Canada. Then checked your bio again and just noticed that you live in Ontario! How did I not know that?? Haha.

Not too many people I know here who are from Ontario like us (I'm in the GTA area 🙋)
RDulloo Premium
Thanks so much, dear!

HAHA! Yupp, I'm in Canada AND in the GTA! We have to meet up and connect one of these days!

I feel the same way now! How could I NOT have known you were in ON and in the GTA too? That's crazy! LOL

I guess yes, it IS rare that we meet anybody from the same locality. I guess we're just lucky... :D
Joes946 Premium
Reyhana, that's super! Great job and congrats.
RDulloo Premium
Thank you so much, Joe.. :)
Joes946 Premium