I'm Back Baby! 3-Year Milestone and 1 Million Words Later.

Last Update: January 18, 2021

Hey all you beautiful people, my WA family.

I must say that I've missed this and all of you! For some personal reasons, I had to be away from my business for around 6 months, where I wasn't really active.

Some sad things happened in my life that I don't want to make public, but let's say that I lost a part of myself in the process. I needed time away to really gather my thoughts and the pieces of me that was scattered.

After my traumatic experience, I felt like I was not gonna come back. It really left me hopeless and I think I was even borderline depressed. That really scared me and I really couldn't work on anything.

Some days, it was such a chore to even get up from bed.

I'm just really happy that I was able to find myself again and to jump back into things here at WA.

I'm so glad I didn't let my annual membership expire in Nov 2020. If I did, I would probably be regretting it now. At the time, I just didn't feel ready to part yet, after almost 3 years here, and I just renewed my annual membership for the heck of it.

This just proves that no matter what happens in life, you take a break but you NEVER give up. That spirit just bounces back when you do.

I must say that the money that I made while I was away from my business also really helped. There were times when I couldn't go to work because I felt so depressed and thus didn't get paid. My earnings from WA helped cover that gap.

Maybe that's one of the reasons that I kept my membership here. I made a profit in 2020 and decided to reinsvest my earnings into buying another year of WA, to stay with all of you.

At least I was making money from it, if nothing else.

It just goes to prove to you that whatever is taught here at WA really works, if you follow it to the letter and really treat it like a business. Like me, it will help during hard times.

During that time, I hit my 3-year miletone in December 2020 and sometime even earlier, in September 2020, I hit another big milestone and that's 1 Million words written on SiteContent.

To me, working on my website is publishing 3 - 4 posts a week. In September I wasn't really working since I only probably published 5- 7 articles during the whole month. But I still managed to hit that milestone and never really got the opportunity to update you guys.

'Cause life happened. I guess we can put it this way... :)

But anyways, nothing bad that happens in life is forever. So what I wanted to convey is that if you need time off from your business, definitely take it, but don't make this an excuse to give up.

Lots of Love,


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MiaL Premium Plus
Hi Reyhana, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had a rough time :( I really hope you're doing OK now and are feeling stronger every day.

It's awesome that you've kept up with your site and now you've got your incredible achievement of a million words. That is absolutely amazing and I congratulate you!

I totally agree that sometimes we just need to take time out. It doesn't mean we're giving up, it just means that self-care is a priority, and sometimes it simply needs to be that way to get through a difficult time.

Reyhana, I'm thinking of you and I'm wishing you strength and healing. x
RDulloo Premium
Hello Melissa. I missed you and your wonderful encouraging words!

Yes, I'm doing much better and getting stronger by the day (mentally!) and I will take this business back to where it was before.

I know! I didn't even notice that I had reached one of my long-term goals with everything that was going on outside and inside of me. LOL

Yeah, taking time off to care for your mental well-being (and physical well-being too of course!) is important because if you don't then you won't have the strength to go on for very long.

Thanks for your well-wishes! We'll get to talk more now!
Swangirl Premium
I missed you! I am so glad you are back but very sorry for your personal loss.

I was away for much of the last 8 months myself. I just came back in December. I thought about whether to quit but missed WA and my friends here and know all I have learned will pay off in the end.

So happy to see you here Reyhana!

RDulloo Premium
Ohh Jessica, how I have missed you too! Thank you for your kind words my dear.

Sorry to hear that you needed to be away too. It's hard to pick it back up because sometimes, you feel so disconnected from the business that you once held like your baby, right?

I think the same way as you! It will pay off at some point. We may not see it now, but we eventually will!

I'm happy to see that you are still here as well my dear. Let's not give up and renew our promise to ourselves; to keep fighting for the change that we want in our lives.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening Reyhanna, welcome back. There is always a beautiful sunrise after the Storm, and I am so happy that you are able once again to smile. You will go on, because you are a winner, you will go on, because you have the mindset of never giving up no matter what, and this my dear sister is a wonderful thing. Keep your head up, keep your shoulders back, let your heart smile and do what you know that you have to do. Once again welcome back, good to see you, and may your week be full of blessings.
RDulloo Premium
Hello Earl. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and also, for your kind words of encouragement.

Yes, it's definitely my stubborn mind that keeps me going in this business and so, I cannot say that it is a bad trait in this case. LOL

Wishing you the best as well!
ERichardson1 Premium
Thank you my dear friend, and thank you for being you.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Reyhanna very good to see you. Sometimes life can present some unexpected turns, it is good that you have weathered your storm and are back and reconnecting with your online journey.

Best wishes as you continue to build your business with your renewed focus.

RDulloo Premium
Hello Alex. Thank you! It feels nice to be back.

Yes, I thought I would never get through it. But everything fades and gets better with time.

Thanks and I also wish you the best.