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Last Update: September 12, 2016

Well I finally upgraded to premium and so far I am really excited to finally get started in this online venture. I always wanted to get involved in an online business, but like many felt there were no legitimate systems out there that would really help you get started. I took several days to consider upgrading to premium and I can confidently say that I truly found a system with WA that I feel will help me succeed. So I look forward to putting in the necessary work an also connecting with you all in this new journey.

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Sierradust Premium
Congratulations on your progress! Great inspiration for us starters. I am very interested in your time frame, as I've been at this for several months. But I will stay patient and keep moving forward. At this time I have zero traffic, but have only gotten to lesson 5 of level 3. I am at the point of introducing affiliate links. But I agree with you about the curiosity and also the excitement of this online business venture. I've come this far and I'm in for the long haul. Ah hell, I am to old for anything else (62 years) lol.. I know this is a little long with words, but it's part of our training. Your the one that got my attention because you not only posted your earnings but you also posted how long it took before you got traffic. I found that to be important because 7 months later I am at that spot. My site is about 2000 words and growing. Don't you feel awkward about telling the WA community how much your making! There is true inspiration in realizing your dreams! I understand that we need to train, train, and train some more. But the other part is setting financial goals. I mean, damn, you not only hit the goalpost, you surpassed it by 100 yards, and then decided to add another 100 yards to it! WA really does work! This is fantastic stuff to read for a person in my position, who hopefully is on the edge of breaking through this lull of patiently waiting for something to happen. You have my attention, and I will continue to follow you going forward. You made it man and I can't wait until I start seeing action. I know, I know, patience. Thanks for listening.
JeffDolson Premium
Congratulations, now you're on the way.
joshdsouza Premium
Hey Ralph,
Congrats on going premium. I can certainly relate to your time spent in consideration of this decision. I too was on the fence for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge.

Once again, congratulations and I wish you all the very best at WA.
RD40 Premium
Thanks Josh!