Finally Understanding Networkmarketing - Loving It!

Last Update: April 12, 2018

I have tried for about a year to figure out how to work from home on my computer. The fact that I have literally learned more here on WA in two weeks than ever before still astonishes me. I finally have a clue on how to set up a Wordpress website, and I am writing again. There are so many niches I am interested in, I decided to start with two I really love. One is products and I am reviewing some of my favorites and eventually some of my least favorites. The other is travel, specializing in Florida vacation travel. My sites are and

Network Marketing - Easier than I thought

I have known for a while that network marketing was something I wanted to learn and become successful in but I had no idea where to start, how to blog, get traffic to my site, and how to rank on Google seemed impossible. Thank heavens I found Wealthy Affiliate.

A community like none other

When I first found WA I have to admit, I was highly skeptical. Trying other network companies that promised great training and support but not living up to their claims was so frustrating. I am so happy I did not let my septisism keep me from trying one more time. I was shocked the first day when so many people were welcoming, offering encouragement, and help. It has made me want to help other newcomers the same way.

Website Creation - Let Creativity Being

Wordpress and I have never gotten along. I could never understand how to set it up, make it interesting, and show my personality through it. The website I have made for my product reviews is coming along little by little. The other one for my travel niche is taking me a little more time to get the way I wanted, but because of all the support and help, I am up for the challenge.

Writing - I forgot I had so much to say

When I was young I wrote all the time. I was always writing letters, term papers, short stories, and poems. As I got older, I became busy with life, career, kids, and husband and writing went to the wayside. Thanks to online marketing and WA, I am learning how writing has changed, how to write my thoughts in a more interesting manner, and how to write about my interests and make them my niches.

My computer - friend or foe

I never realized how many things I like to read and write about. I also didn't realize how social media can be used to promote my interests, make new friends from all over the world, and help other people. I have really resisted the computer and internet, except to pay bills and look up something occasionally. Realizing how much of today's world I have been missing, I have turned into one of those people that would never want to be without my computer, tablet, or smart phone. I can not believe how much I have grown in just two weeks.

My Niches - Turning Interests into money

Now that my children are all grown, one having two children of her own, I find I have a lot of free time to explore the world, both online and physically around me. I have many interests and I am seeing how I can turn the time I spend learning about them, enjoying them, and teaching others about them into an opportunity to make money.

Favorite things - better future.

I love trying new products so product review was an easy niche to pick. My second niche, Florida vacation travel specialist, was another easy one to pick. I live here in Florida and I have had many family members come and visit. I have seen them waste time not knowing what to do here for fun, other than visiting theme parks, not to mention the money they have wasted paying way too much for hotels, fun, and food.

Affiliate Marketing - Fun way to work

I am excited about affiliated marketing for many reasons. For one thing, I can turn my interests into niches and become an expert about them. Some other reasons I think affiliate marketing is a good fit for me is I can work from home, not having to commute or have a boss. I get to pick the times I work and how many hours I work. I think it's awesome that I don't have to hire and pay employees, keep inventory, ship anything, or handle returns. I have to keep business records but even that is so much easier with computers. All the reasons are right, the time in my life is right, and I believe this is going to be a successful venture for me.

Ideas continue to flow - sites continue to grow

Every day, for the last two weeks, I have had more and more ideas on how I can expand my niches, show what I am learning, and promote the products I have chosen to be an affiliate for. I am having so much fun! It will be interested in the months and even years to see how much more I will grow, not just as an online marketer, but as a person. I know I will have a place to get help, give help and watch others grow as well.

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Writeraymond Premium
This is great and inspiring! Thanks for sharing. I was just thinking how i need to dedicate more time to writing goals and website design.
YumaBloggers Premium
If you have more questions about network marketing I write a couple blogs on home business and have been doing network marketing most of my 15 years in the Work From Home Industry. I love helping people new to the business.
ericcantu Premium
It's awesome that you're learning so much. The training here is incredible.

And just to clarify, what you're learning here is affiliate marketing. Network marketing is a bit different and involves recruiting and downlines, lol.
marmar463 Premium
Awesome post I am glad you decided to be apart of this wonderful community. You can really expand your horizons here and that is the most wonderful thing to do here. Best wishes in your endeavors in WA. If you need help I will be glad to help the best I can.