How to add a profile picture to your wordpress website?

Last Update: December 31, 2014

I see some comments of my friends in WA on my website with no profile picture. I had this problem for a long time and now I figured how to do it......

1- Go to and create an account using your website email and password

2- Add you profile image to your profile in Gravatar

3- Wait for 5 minutes and refresh your website....

You are done.... wasn't that easy?

Thank you and have a happy new year...

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TommyK Premium
Cheers Ray, that was the easiest thing I've done here at WA.
RobertButler Premium
ok, raymakar, Thank You ! i wasnt doing the wait 5 min thing, lol. they really should add a tiny little prompt on the Gravatar page to let people know what to after they get our golden email address, ha ha, they leave the user hanging. Thanks again buddy ; )
raymakar Premium
You are very welcome! I agree they should add "wait" sign.
JesseraRain Premium
Thank you so much, was so simple to do and now my picture can show up in my comments.
KayWinkler Premium
Hi Ray! Thx for sharing this.. Happy new Year 2015 to you!
Cheers, Kay