Last Update: October 23, 2017

Hello W/A members! I'm Raustiffer A.K.A Ross. I've been going over the certification courses, I've been following along with the live chat, I've been updating and creating my website. I've been looking up and studying all kinds of different aspects about my niche, and I gotta tell ya. The community here is oh so helpful, The training is inductive and well done, and the other members also providing training on whatever may have been missed. Is also a blessing. As I've made progress I've seen my rank slowly climb, making me feel appreciated for being here. I am currently ranked within the ten thousand rank, and I'm hoping to excel even further.

Through out the time I've been here, I've ran into some trouble. It's going to happen, just remember there's over 800,000 members on here that you can connect with. I've been following people participating in the live chat and private messaging people about all kinds of things. Just to keep myself in the know and on focus.

Don't be despaired by a little thing that seems tricky, because trust me someone may have already made training on it. Just remember there's a community here that is willing to help and provide feed back. My current website is, and since I've started writing about it I've learned so much. This place here is truly and learning opportunity, whether it's training on becoming an online entrepreneur, or learning new topics of discussion.

I find the more you know about your niche, the better you can talk about it, size it up, promote it. So by the time you have around five niche websites, you could talk somebody's ear off about five different topics for hours. Its a skill not only to promote you website via back links and SEO but word of mouth as well.

Anyway I've been having a great time here at W/A and I hop all you are as well. Good day to you!

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adreyna Premium
Sounds like you've been working hard and progressive well. Keep up the good work!