Visuals for social media - part 3 continuation of May 31st

Last Update: June 17, 2017


Instead, try making the data to the point and easier to grasp!

3) Try using a loud and bold palette color scheme. Vibrant colors make the image pop. Use for example, a blue or dark background with white not black Title stand out.

4) Focus on an image which relates to your product. Build trust and authority by showing exactly what the customer wants to see and understand what they are getting.

5) Of course, always use actionable language to prompt the user to proceed. Example, "Click here to down load" Leads the reader to execute the last step.

If you have any other suggestions to improve conversions please feel free to comment.

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pablocortina Premium
Great idea. View the data in one glance. I like it
RandellD Premium
You are welcome Pablo!