Last Update: April 25, 2017

Loes has written about “How to enable private browsing on any web browser – 4/23/17.

Today I would like to tell you about an app called “SEARCHLOCK”. This is a free app to prevent SEARCH ENGINES from profiling you. You can find out more about it at .

What can Searchlock do?
1) The SearchLock extension intercepts privacy-unsafe searches and delivers privacy-friendly results.
2) The SearchLock search engine does not use tracking cookies
3) The SearchLock extenskon prevents keystroke logging by most popular search engines
4) Using SearchLock disassociates your searches from your online accounts.
5) SearchLock does not retain server logs connected to personally identifiable information (PII)
6) SearchLock prevents your ISP from tracking your search terms
7) SearchLock encrypts your queries with SSL and perfect foward secrecy
8) SearchLock does not request, log or share your personal information.

SearchLock works with Firefox. Check to see whether SearchLock works with your browser

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MelindaH Premium
Thank you for this. I'm not sure how I got SearchLock on my computer, but it was annoying me that I couldn't use Google Instant, because it kept going back to SearchLock.
I tried looking up Google Instant to use it (haven't been in WA for 3 years) and found that they dropped Google Instant Search. :(
Besides searching in WA/Jaaxy (alphabet soup), do you know of any other places to search that are similar to Google Instant?
Triblu Premium
Hey Melinda,

Google searching "is there a replacement for google instant" (without the quotation marks, of course) you may find one you like in the search results.

Jaaxy is a keyword tool and NOT a search engine with Google Instant was.

Hope you find this helpful.
Tfritz Premium
What does this do with Google advertizing?
Does it block Google from traicking your search pattern and continuously adapt their advertizing to show what you last were looking at to purchase?

I would like an answer to this question.
RandellD Premium
Without SearchLock Google and other search engines are tracking and creating a detailed profile about you based on your searches.
But SearchLock browser extension uses a patent-pending technology to detect when your search query is about to be tracked in a way that could result in ads following you around the web, then re-routes it so that it isn't. Then it delivers your search results via an encrypted privacy-friendly results page at
pablocortina Premium
Thank you
RandellD Premium
You're Welcome
DebbieRose Premium
I will definitely check this out. Thanks. Debbie
RandellD Premium
You are Welcome
accad Premium
Wow, this is new information to me.