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Last Update: May 15, 2017

Backlink Checkers - How do they work and how do they compare.

It is important to understand that all “traffic estimation tools” which would include the previously mentioned SEMrush, Similar Web, Compete , etc. are exactly that! Estimations……There are many variables in play and these variables have different margins of error. Therefore, while keyword data is pulled fast and frequently, it is still necessary to CHECK keyword rankings MANUALLY and against GOOGLE Keyword Planner.

I have no affiliation with That being said is in my opinion one of the top backlink checkers available today. Note that this software comes with a monthly fee but there is a free two week trial.

If you Google - Ahref's Guide - How to use Ahref's for SEO and Content Link by Shivarweb you will read an extensive breakdown of linking and what can be accomplished.

Let me know if you find the information instructional and helpful!

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No question. Linking is well associated with keywords!
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