10 Ways Unobtrusive Flirting

Last Update: February 27, 2019

Many people fear that they end up being awkward and send the wrong signals when they try to flirt. Even if one has worn smart clothes and is feeling confident, they might come off as overbearing on the other person or fail to understand how to win the confidence or interest of the other they are attempting to woo. Flirting in an unobtrusive manner will help to get the attention of a person you wish to attract and at the same time, you can give that person space and time to reciprocate with interest.

Here are some tips that can come of use:

  1. 1. Eye Contact Should be Done Right

This is the first step to take in order to get through to the other. If you wish to establish the fact that you are trying to woo a person or wish to showcase your interest, you cannot be shy about it. While directly walking up to the person could seem too bold, it is necessary to establish eye contact. As per flirt4free review, successful dating or flirting actions, those who hold the eyes of a stranger for two minutes would incite feelings of attraction. If you are able to grab the eyes of a person you are interested in, hold their gaze long enough to show that you are interested. Done right, it can often help you land hot women for dating easily.

  1. 2. Follow it up With a Smile

The smile is the first action that comes naturally when you make eye contact with the person you are trying to draw attention to. Smiling at the person while maintaining eye contact is held on longer by men who wish to showcase their interest in a woman; in case of a woman, she can hold the gaze and smile slightly as well as lower her eyelids that add a sexy edge to it all the more.

  1. 3. Keep a Straight Posture

This is important as the right body posture gives off positive vibes to others. Stand straight and keep your stomach in which gives you an upright, confident air and stride and will make you more attractive to anyone whom you might want to impress.

  1. 4. Be Confident of Talking

If you are interested in someone you are meeting with others, be confident to say something besides making eye contact with them. If you wish to showcase your interest give a compliment. This works mainly for women, but men love compliments too.

  1. 5. Tilt Head Forward to Show Interest

There are certain body language signs you need to be aware of when you wish to show interest. Tilting the head forward in a subtle way towards the person if you are sitting opposite or next to him would help to showcase an interest in a non-verbal way. However, do not tilt your whole body forward since that could make the other person feel uncomfortable. More such body language tips can be found from dating or adult content sites.

  1. 6. Keep Your Body Language Open

This is yet another subtle but inviting moves that you can showcase non-verbally when you wish to show your interest. In general, avoid crossed arms or legs that usually mean a non-inviting sign. Legs pointed towards the person with arms open would be ways to signal interest in the other without having to be aggressive about expressing your interest.

  1. 7. Wear Something Red

This color is known to work wonders when it comes to attracting someone, especially for women. While men can also wear this color on their shirt or T-shirt, a red dress or a top in a woman would look great and help showcase her interest more openly.

  1. 8. Say Something Humorous

If you get tongue-tied every time you are next to another person you wish to attract, you might want to think of something witty to say from before. However, say something that is appropriate and suiting the occasion without sounding too obvious.

  1. 9. Showcase Your Interest in a Conversation

The best way to move forward from the non-verbal signs to verbal exchange is to strike up a conversation. Choose the topic as per your knowledge of the other or befitting the occasion or place.

  1. 10. Offer to Buy a Drink

This does not have to be alcohol unless you are already at a nude bar and are trying to hook up with someone. Studies show that buying a hot beverage leads to the successful wooing of another as compared to cold beverages.

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