Middle of the year

Last Update: July 02, 2015

A day which largely goes unnoticed by all of us who measure the passing of the years according to the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory X111 in 1582, that is the most widely observed system of regulating dates and thus all human activities. Today marks the exact middle of the year 2015 with 182 days behind us since New Years day and 182 days still to come until New Year Eve. July 2nd uniquely belongs to neither side.

New Year resolutions are commonly made on the first day of the year. At the halfway mark, it could be interesting to revisit these now and either admit defeat or renew our efforts. May also be the right time to make some new ones!

While on the subject of time, another very fleeting chronological event which also may have gone unnoticed was that the last minute of June 30 had 61 seconds. This is to keep the super-accurate atomic clocks in step with the actual time of the rotation of the Earth. It is immaterial to most of us excluding those involved in stock and forex market trading where computer programs execute trades in milliseconds. There have been no known claims of great profits or losses as a consequence of the Leap Second.

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bsmith1222 Premium
Except for hearing about it in the news I never paid much attention. It is interesting anyway!
Rablo33 Premium
Hi Helen, no problem, no damage!
HelenpDoyle Premium
Oops I missed it. That was yesterday in our time.