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Originally an observation was made by Gordon Moore, a young engineer and subsequently a co-founder of INTEL, in which he predicted during an interview in 1965 that integrated circuits – now called “microchips” – would roughly double in capacity every 2 years during the following decade while the cost remained the same. This prediction has in fact proved valid for half a century and has thus become known as Moore’s Law.The profits of INTEL, the largest chip manufacturer in the world, ha
July 02, 2015
A day which largely goes unnoticed by all of us who measure the passing of the years according to the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory X111 in 1582, that is the most widely observed system of regulating dates and thus all human activities. Today marks the exact middle of the year 2015 with 182 days behind us since New Years day and 182 days still to come until New Year Eve. July 2nd uniquely belongs to neither side.New Year resolutions are commonly made on the first day of the year.
June 20, 2015
THE SOLSTICE The biannual event of the solstice is upon us – summer – the longest day of the year or – winter – the shortest day. In the northern hemisphere it is summer, in the south it is winter. This is happening on Sunday June 21, 2015. During the following six months the cycle will be reversed until on December 22 and the winter solstice will take place in the north.So, what are these events and why do they deserve at least a passing nod. They mark the changes of the four seasons wh