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Last Update: November 08, 2016

I used to journal. That is great for my mind but it doesn't pay my bills. Coming here to Wealthy Affiliate not only allows me to be creative but get paid. I'm still working on building my business so the rewards can happen.

I have just started advertising to my friends and family to join this site. I know a lot of them who blog, have websites, etc. A lot of them also struggle financially. Why not join WA and let the company pay them for their time as writers, artists and entrepreneurs. It is a win/win situation to me.

I have nothing but good to say for the energy and people on this site. So far I have been encouraged to keep going and do what I love by complete strangers who over time will become family. I love that!

The web is vast and wide....we can all benefit from joining WA, being a little creative and letting the affiliate programs reward us in all that we do.

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Toshmack Premium
It sure is.
Cheers, Tosh :)
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Fantastic, have a great day