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December 04, 2016
I found this great site for Wealthy Affiliate when I was looking to venture out on my own and try to create movement to my essential oils website. This just *popped* up and it was very fascinating. I enrolled immediately for the premium site when I saw all the education offered to help me to succeed. With that being said....I have the patience of a gnat! I decided to have my sister sign up as well and as she is a blogger she was able to walk me through setting up my website. It is awesome! I do
December 03, 2016
I have to post it! I have one Amazon sale. LOLI woke up this morning to find that in my Amazon Associates Center. hasn't shipped yet so I'm not 100% sure the amount I made as of yet. I can assure you that it will be around the 30 cents range! LOL. The item purchased was a Honey Gate for $7.99. Not a big ticket item but none-the-less a sale. It is proof for me that I am doing something right!Now to replicate that over and over and over again....Onward and Upward, my friends~
November 30, 2016
What do I mean by that? Let me explain.The term "gut instinct" is that feeling you get when you know something is good or bad for you. It is that sensation in the core of your being. The anatomical location is right in the center of your abdomen above your navel but below your rib cage. The Solar Plexus area if you think in terms of body Chakras. It is characterized by the color yellow.Many people will experience these feelings as anxiety, stomach ache, nausea, giddiness, butterflies in their s
November 25, 2016
I think not! If anyone joined Wealthy Affiliate for a get rich quick scheme....then they came to the wrong place! You know the old saying, "do it right the first time...."I sometimes wonder if Kyle and Carson have said over and over the saying that is pictured here in the above meme? Who knows but doing it right the first time will give you freedom to do other and more important things in life later. *Like hang on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere perhaps*Take advantage of the Get Started Trai
November 20, 2016
I wanted to comment on the importance of utilizing feedback for your website. Not only giving honest and detailed feedback but also receiving it. I had placed a link on my site that took viewers, if clicked, to an Amazon shopping page as an affiliate link. Sounds great right? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because I may get some people shopping and that will earn some cash. No, because when the link was clicked it didn't open in a new window. That took people away from my page. I read somewhere
November 16, 2016
Sitting here reflecting on my life and just wrote an article about my depression on my website. I've never had it before but man has it reared its ugly head due to my life circumstances. It dawned on me that I'm sure a lot of you are feeling the same way and that is why we have migrated to Wealthy Affiliate. To find a place that we can feel welcomed, have a community and even gain some friendships as well as earn a living. Isn't that what life is all about?I had a very strong and well paying ca
November 15, 2016
As I go back through the lessons, I keep getting reminded of the wonderful opportunities that are available! Take this one for example: shows us the endless possibilities that are available at sites such as Amazon. Just don't limit yourself with that one venue. Remember there is also available Walmart, Target, etc. Utilize those big chains and make them work for you! It's not magic here but just a little forethought and smart marketing! Bri
November 13, 2016
When I joined Wealthy Affiliate a month ago. I signed on as a Premium member immediately. That was the smartest move for me but....there was so much information it was overwhelming. I just went back through all the lessons again and rediscovered Google Analytics. I am like a kid in a candy store going and looking at that information. A bit of a nerd here I guess. Don't forget to do those lessons. It was a little bit overwhelming and I was anxious to get a website up that I could start blogging
November 10, 2016
So I've been capped on comments to newcomers for the day! I didn't realize it was such a thing her on WA. After trying to figure out why and going back to read posts about it, it makes sense. The comments and welcomes to the new people can be a bit overwhelming if they received that from every member here on WA. I just wasn't really thinking about all the posts these people get. I thoroughly enjoyed getting them myself when I joined WA and even took the time to review their profiles as well as
November 08, 2016
I used to journal. That is great for my mind but it doesn't pay my bills. Coming here to Wealthy Affiliate not only allows me to be creative but get paid. I'm still working on building my business so the rewards can happen. I have just started advertising to my friends and family to join this site. I know a lot of them who blog, have websites, etc. A lot of them also struggle financially. Why not join WA and let the company pay them for their time as writers, artists and entrepreneurs. It is a