Gut Instinct

Last Update: November 30, 2016

What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

The term "gut instinct" is that feeling you get when you know something is good or bad for you. It is that sensation in the core of your being. The anatomical location is right in the center of your abdomen above your navel but below your rib cage. The Solar Plexus area if you think in terms of body Chakras. It is characterized by the color yellow.

Many people will experience these feelings as anxiety, stomach ache, nausea, giddiness, butterflies in their stomach, etc. It is up to most people to tune in and understand the meaning of those signals that your soul is giving you.

Have you ever committed to do something such as take on a new job just to continue to feel a horrible feeling in your gut? I have. The feelings were so strong that I ended up choosing not to go and work at a certain place. I felt like I was being held back from going and doing that one particular thing. Why? Who knows. It isn't up to me to question the strong gut or instinct that is given to me. I feel that these are messages from my Spirit guides or Angels to urge me to follow the path that was given to me.

I didn't find Wealthy Affiliate by accident and neither have all of you. We are all placed here in this community to interact with each other and grow from each other. That is our destiny in the moment of Now. I have seen people join for free, go premium and leave the community. This is all done using your "gut instincts" to do what is right for you! Nobody else can decide that but you.

Over the years when I ignored these feelings from my gut that is when I struggled in life. Struggled with careers, money, relationships and just couldn't seem to get out of the rut. The best times of my life have been when I followed my gut instinct. Trust your gut, it doesn't lie!

How are you managing to listen to your inner being? What are you doing today to do so? What kind of signals do you get? Please comment below. I am very interested in hearing all about them and stories!


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brooksbode90 Premium
Quite a very engaging, and thought provoking post, I think the 'gut instincts' though, has to do with our context and how we interpret it, for my part, my feeling serves me well most of the time, especially when I do some good examination of life as I know it around me, instead of just allowing the feeling to carry me. Thanks for the read, Terri.
rabinsmadre Premium
You are very welcome and glad you enjoyed reading it.
RHBarlow Premium
If it feels good go with it.
MKearns Premium
Can't miss with that good old inner instinct!
MPollock Premium
For sure thanks,