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Last Update: December 04, 2016

I found this great site for Wealthy Affiliate when I was looking to venture out on my own and try to create movement to my essential oils website. This just *popped* up and it was very fascinating. I enrolled immediately for the premium site when I saw all the education offered to help me to succeed.

With that being said....I have the patience of a gnat! I decided to have my sister sign up as well and as she is a blogger she was able to walk me through setting up my website. It is awesome! I do ask for help here but also make weekly dates with her and we help each other to succeed.

Find that one person in your life that you can join WA together and make your dreams a reality. My only mistake was that I was new at this and should've had her sign up through my WA site. She is premium and soaring!

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brooksbode90 Premium
Such approach can be helpful indeed, Terri.
KerriM Premium
Glad I could help! :) Keep on, keeping on! Your site is looking great.
Toshmack Premium
Well done you, strength in numbers! :)
MPollock Premium
Nice work