Less Than a Month Later

Last Update: October 10, 2014

I started in Wealthy Affiliate less than a month ago, probably like many of you I was looking to start a business online, for a long time I research all over the place for a online company that would help me achieve this dream, and I’m sure like many off you also I found a bunch of companies promising instant success, but they all ended up being “scams” most of them just wanting to get a hold of your “initial investment” and I ended up disappointed most of the time, the good thing about all of that searching that I did was that it finally let me to Wealthy associates, and my journey began.

Kyle & the WA community

When I join WA I did it for a few reasons, I like the honesty of Kyle and the company, when I saw the phrase “if you are looking to get rich quick this is not the place for you” I knew I had found something different, and also I was sold in the community aspect of WA, as a brand new member of WA and of online marketing in general my knowledge of it was very limited, if I had any at all, so being able to post questions, and getting answers from people in the community that actually care to help you succeed just minutes later was an amazing experience.

The WA Training

I think I got exactly what I need it from the training at WA, for a person like me, that is not a computer genius, actually far from it, the step by step training made a huge difference in my experience here, being able to follow every step of the process, even though at times I had to do things more than once, help me accomplish things that a month ago were merely dreams for me, if a month ago someone would had told me that in less than a month I would had a fully functional website from where I can start my own online business , I wouldn’t had believe it, but here I am today.

It’s only the Beginning

I understand that this is a marathon not a sprint, and I still have a long way to go to start seeing the fruits of my labor but I am proud of where I am today, I am not yet where I want to be, but I am not where I was before, and I know that by following the steps, and training from WA I have some bright days ahead of me

I guess my advice to you would be “don’t give up” follow the training it might be hard at times, but everything has a purpose, and it will help your business grow, if you are interested in checking out my brand new website is realestatelikethepros.com It’s a work in progress, so if you have any feedback I would appreciate it.

Thank you and good luck in your own journey


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PTorrez Premium
Thank you Phil, i got your message, and i appreciate the feedback
BrooklynPhil Premium
Paolo, "Well done is better than well said" your website is looking good.
Keep it up.