Yay, my post ranked at 2 position on google according to Jaaxy !

Last Update: Jul 3, 2019

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My website is hardly month old. I haven't purchased my domain yet. I only have 4 posts so far. 3 posts indexed in google. 1 post is still not indexed.

According to jaaxy one of my post is at 2 position on google. I think its good news. As I still don't know, what I am doing with my website.

I was feeling down this morning and was not sure if I am going in right direction. Following Jay's advice (Last webinar), I checked site ranking on Jaaxy and boom ...my post ranked 2nd on google.

But then, I started to look for my post in google but couldn't find it on 2 position. I am not sure what does it mean. Am I missing anything?

Please do let me know if you guys know what's going on.

Thank you all.


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Hi Pranali, congratulations, and all the best as you continue to create and rank the content that you create.

Jaaxy originates searches on Google.com so we can get different results when we search form our home environment.

When we search in our place of origin Google geo locates us, so when we search in the beginning Google will present the most relevant content from where we live.

Someone searches in the US and someone searches say in Australia they will get similar yet different results, based on their Google profile.

Hope that explains the difference, the more we get intoi it the search results will level up.

Some folks search using incognito mode to get the most detailed search results.

The best thing is to keep creating content.

Best wishes.

Hi Alex,
Thank you. That make sense.

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