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Last Update: January 31, 2015

Hi friends, I'm trying to give a new face lift to one of my sites that sells headphones, I'm going to try something new. I want to use an info-graphic on each page, starting with the page in the link. But I need your opinion. Below are some samples of info-graphics. Would you please give your vote for the one you like best? Also, any opinions you can give me about the page or any page on the site would be greatly appreciated.


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winsuccess Premium
I lie #9
LookingUp Premium
#2 or #5. I would find it easier to read.
DoubleTap Premium
Totally agree with Wolf, #5 is the most clearly defined as far as seeing your product and the text.
NormandyMktg Premium
#5 --- your product is more clearly defined visually and text is easier to read
Jlindgren Premium
Vary nice post and vary informative it was great. My eye goes straight to # 6 but I think #9 goes with it better.
I like # #9