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Last Update: December 09, 2015

I come across many people that are looking for an online income. They seem keen to find a way to be successful until ......

They realise that it will take effort and time on their part!

How often have you come across people asking for help and expect you to do the work for them

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
I have had so little time for WA this week. 21 employees is a lot. but I don't want to be free labor for my business, I want to manage a business.

In graduate school we talked a lot about low self esteem people who don't know that they're low self esteem and yet do everything they can to put an authoritative pretense on their presence. Which with three questions can be totally wiped away.

Actually most of the world is made up of type 6 personalities. I had not seen this level of concentration until I came to Wealthy Affiliate... And then realized these are the types of people who would be attracted here. there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Mark1957 Premium
Shiny object click profits seekers etc etc
Will never amount to anything until they leave that behind and realise this is actually running a business, except there are no bricks, no borders, no time restrictions and no income limits.
Seems like all they are interested in is the last income limits...but are not prepared to work at it.