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December 10, 2015
Video is a very powerful medium and when included in a website can bring many benefits. You can of course make your own videos which can be from the very simple (you speaking) to more dramatic productions. The very simple ones though can be just as effective and will certainly help to build an audience and fro you to bond with them. Another tip which is quick and easy is to embed a video from Youtube into your blog posts and let someone else do the explaining! Are you using video?
December 09, 2015
I come across many people that are looking for an online income. They seem keen to find a way to be successful until ...... They realise that it will take effort and time on their part!How often have you come across people asking for help and expect you to do the work for them
August 19, 2015
I have several websites but I decided now was the time for a new one. As a WA member who likes to refer others I thought it best to use the WA system to build it.It's very early days but here is hope you like it!
August 10, 2015
Let's all sing along to this!Summertime BluesI'm gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a hollerAbout a workin' all summer just to try to earn a dollarEvery time I call my baby, and try to get a dateMy boss says, "No dice son, you gotta work late"Sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna doBut there ain't no cure for the summertime bluesWell my mom and pop told me, "Son you gotta make some money,If you want to use the car to go ridin' next Sunday"Well I didn't go to work, told the boss I was sick"Well yo
August 10, 2015
I started using Periscope (@RolandMillward) the very day that the app was launched for Android phones. It certainly is an amazing application and to be able to see live video streams from around the world is awesome.Many of the broadcasters that I follow are positioning themselves as Periscope Gurus which is quite amazing as this is such a simple app to use. The best way to use Periscope seems to me is to follow the same basic rules in Twitter. That is talk to and engage with people by showing t
June 22, 2015
Twitter FavoritesA useful feature that Twitter has built in is the ability for you to ‘favorite’ a Tweet. Why should you? Are there any benefits to using this facility? Let’s take a look at how you can be using Twitter Favorites to help you in your business.Twitter Favorites – as a memoYou might well see Tweets that you just don’t have the time to follow the links. If you favorite that Tweet you can then go to your Favorites later and find it easily to pay more attention. I often do th
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Problem or Challenge?One of the things that motivational speakers and the “positive manager” will say is … “There are no problems, there are only challenges!”Whether something is a problem or a challenge can certainly in some instances be classified by the way that we view it. For example if you are in business and sales are not going well you could say that is a problem or turn it around to so that this is a challenge to increase sales. If such a thing is viewed as a problem it can ha
June 12, 2015
The secret to good teaching / training is to keep it simple. This does not mean that you simplify things as you might to a 5 year old but it does mean that you explain using words and terms that the person you are speaking to will understand.Your Blog PostsYou are most likely using a SEO plug in to help you rank well with your blog posts such as SEO Yoast. These plug ins will often tell you how readable your post is to your audience. Interestingly they rank you higher when the reading age is tha
OK guys!I took advantage of the $19 for the first month.But now I have decided that it really is best to go Annual Payment!I'm fully committed to making WA work for me and look forward to the next 12 months.
Managing time is not easyWe all have the same amount of time, 168 hours per week in fact. Around one third of that time is taken up with sleep for the average person leaving us with 112 hours for all other activities. As you can soon see that if you take off 40 hours or more for work plus any commuting time and what is left for other important things is fast diminishing.Family time is so important and sadly that is one area that can get severely eroded by other distractions. How much time do man