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Hey all!Just wanted to share some exciting news I received Youtube account has finally been monetised.I've been creating videos on Youtube regularly since end of last year, and it felt like I was never going to reach 4000 watch hours...but I've finally made it and now I'm able to monetise.And I've already earned an estimated $19.75Just goes to show that you should never give up when trying to acheive your goals.I hope this gives you all some extra motivation to keep going even whe
So, I finally did it, I finally made my first sales on Clickbank.Usually most of the websites I review from Clickbank are scams, or very misleading, but I came across one that had more substance, so I did exactly what the WA training taught me, and wrote a review.This is now one of my highest read reviews on my blog, and I wrote it back in February 2019. But the last few months this site has become very popular which is why my views are increasing more and more.So anyway, I was looking to grab
December 31, 2017
Hey guys!I just wanted to share some thoughts I had on my mind as we enter into a new year. I think today is the perfect time for us to reflect on all that we've achieved this year.Things I achieved:Made my first £1000 in affiliate income this yearCreated my first opt-in freebie and created a landing page for itStarted my first Pinterest Group board which now has 44 contributors and 827 pins (Thanks to the tips + training from LynneHuy. You should definitely watch this training!) ==> h
I received a cheque this morning from Getresponse for $115.58.*happy dance* (i do like a good happy dance!)I was so excited to see that today, especially as I've never received an affiliate payment via cheque before so it was a new and interesting excitement.I'm so glad to see that my efforts are beginning to pay off, and I'm actually starting to earn affiliate commission every month now. It's not as much as I would like yet, but things are definitely looking up and I'm doing a lot more happy d
November 26, 2016
I just made my first amazon commission!!Total: £4.46.I know it's not much but I feel so excited as I know it's the start of more sales to come!I've made affiliate commissions from other programs before, but never from Amazon, so I'm feeling pretty happy right now.*happy dance*Just thought I'd share the good news with you all...and maybe it might add a bit of encouragement to others not to give up and keep working on your sites/content.All the bestSteph!
In my previous blog I talked about how excited I was for the WA black friday offer...Well the time has now and I've just taken that next step to upgrade to yearly!It's not even Black Friday yet...but I just couldn't wait!For me there's no better time than now to take part in this deal.Who else excited?! :)
I've been wanting to upgrade to yearly membership for some time now, and now that Black Friday is around the corner I've got no reason to back out! After getting Kyle's email today I have to say I'm so excited about what's in store for WA. No more excuses for me, I'm going to be more committed than ever!Who else is excited for WA Black Friday deal and what WA has in store? Will you be upgrading to yearly?
Hey guys,Just wanted to share a bit of my excitement right now. I just received an email from PayPal with a commission payment from WA...$38.50!*happy dance*$38.50 may not seem like a lot, but to me, it's the beginning and a sign that I'm continuously working towards my goals here at WA. It's great to see things like this and it just continues to encourage me to work hard.So I'm happy dancing again today, and just looking forward to the future and I'm feeling optimistic about my online journey
Hi everyone,We've had another new premium member join us today and I would really appreciate it if we could welcome him in and show him how great and helpful the community is at Wealthy Affiliate. :) Godfrey the best in his success.Thank you guys in advanceStephanie
I just received an email from Paypal which showed I'd been paid $105 in commission from one of my affiliate programs.*happy dance* :)Funny enough it's not a program I've spent much time promoting, I only included a brief description about it in a few of my website posts!I haven't written any blog posts in a while, because I'm studying for exams, but I have been promoting my posts on social media regularly. I can't believe it really! It's just totally unexpected. I've received commissions before