Triple Digit Midget - Who'd had Thunk?

Last Update: February 19, 2017

Recollection. Reflection. Injection. Projection, and Anticipation. These words begin to describe some of the goings-on between my ears the past few days. Interestingly, each can be used for all of the great things I have been working for, and even achieving at some level as well as for a not-so-pleasant subject of late.

I recall signing into this thing called Wealthy Affiliate on 9 January, 2017. Something resonated with me to give it a look for a Free Trial. Sure, I say to self and whallah, I'm a member of this mysterious platform. First impression wasn't good only because I allowed it to be that way. What looked like wordpress didn't impress me because my previous experience with wordpress-like sites and even wordpress itself wasn't good. What I was told would be drag 'n drop and cut & paste didn 't quite work out that way.

A second underlying reason gave me a wee bit of pause for thought. I was one of triple digits (as in hundreds of thousands) in Rank. Y'know that blue box in the upper right that tells you where you stand?! Was I merely going to be a number? Then something happened. Kyle sent a message ... here's the upsell was my iniitial thought and whallahII No upsell. What is wrong with this guy - the #1 man on the board and he isn't selling an upgrade, but rather he is building me up? Things that make you go Hhhmmm? Maybe, just perhaps this place is different?! Note the question mark and exclamation points after sentences (thoughts rather).

At this point I'm beginning to wonder (to myself) if I should speak to myself loudly as opposed to merely thoughts because something just isn't the same. The placebo effect, if you will, that speaking loudly carries more clout. Well, rest assured I've not begun doing that just yet.

Fast forward to present day ... I'm now a Triple Digit Midget and the word 'thousands' doesn't frighten me, nor give pause. I'm liking the change and gaining confidence along the way. What was insecurity is now abundance (and I haven't even monetized WA yet). If you're in this for money you got it all wrong. We all expect to make some, even more, money than our current lifestyle's present but money is a side effect, an auto add-on, even a free App to techies, to success.

With all this in mind, I've an Ambassador cap to achieve. With a little more focus and attention to detail. A little bit more determination to 'get'r done' will surely keep me in good stead along this highway less traveled. I'm tickled pink to see so many of you in the rearview all heading the same way. Me helping you, you helping me, and collectively all helping all - acknowledged and otherwise.

A triple digit midget was a reference to those whom I was stationed with in the military, here and there, when one was close to stuffing the duffel bag and either anxiously or timidly anticipating the day. You couldn't allow yourself to find too much peace at any one spot because the mission changed often. Today, a triple digit midget means that I am more firmly implanted in this community of helpers and there's no anxiety of tomorrow being the day my bags have to be packed. A rather comfortable feeling, I'd say. What say you?

D. James Powers

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jtaienao Premium
Congrat's on achieving the status. I too went through many short timers calendars in the Army. Always was a great feeling to get down to the single digits, that much closer to home and family. Thanks for sharing.
Powerhousevi Premium
Salute your service to our fine country. Thank You for your continued allegiance.