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Curiously the note I wrote days ago has gone a road even less traveled than I recommend ... it has vanished apparently. Nonetheless, I just wanted to share a little something about a subject we are not familiar enough with when it comes to self-management of pain and emotions. It is known as tapping. The link below is a wonderful video trailer captcha that will intrigue you to know more. Tapping, more commonly known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an energy pyschology combining ea
There's nothing so new about this thing we call Rank, we'll see some roar in and go out like a tank.But what of the climb does aspire us more still,is the image of things from the top of the hill.See You at the Summits to See You at the Top,for now this ball is rollin' and know not where it will stop!
Recollection. Reflection. Injection. Projection, and Anticipation. These words begin to describe some of the goings-on between my ears the past few days. Interestingly, each can be used for all of the great things I have been working for, and even achieving at some level as well as for a not-so-pleasant subject of late. I recall signing into this thing called Wealthy Affiliate on 9 January, 2017. Something resonated with me to give it a look for a Free Trial. Sure, I say to self and wha
That is not the question! Little did I know that I can have cake and eat it too. The scorecard reflects a 0 to 0 draw thus far. I'm neither wealthy and although known in small circles I'm no guru affiliate as of yet. I'm growing and grooming a niche' presence in new places, and at newer heights than ever before. My website is still ugly but it is optimized, indexed and is progressively being 'interior designed' with applicable suite content. Did you get that? Suite (sweet) content. App
... therefore, now is the time to forge ahead into the vast wilderness to rescue the poor souls I've been telling all along I was on my way. More than not were caught up in the negativity and rumored belief that I was merely a story that had already been written. The minority faithful know better - the story is writing itself daily, heck, sometimes it's written hourly, by the minute even. I've entered and recognize the forest behind the trees and I love being lost in here. I know that
January 19, 2017
Hello world! I was just wondering? I like to think that information worthy of sharing, or being shared, is information that is either educational, inspiring, motivational or serves to answer a question or solve a dilemma. In the course of the first three mentioned nearly any style of writing can be used to assist one to be better read, be more inspired to act or even motivated to try things once thought of as improbable if not impossible.To answer a question or solve a dilemma however requi
People want an M.B.A., or (Massive Bank Account), However they are clueless on how to create wealth and be R.I.C.H = (Residual Income Creates Happiness). This is because they continuously surround themselves with H.A.T.E.R.S = (Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success), and then wonder why they are P.O.O.R (Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly). You can't have a P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S. (People Relying On Just Enough Cash To Survive) type of mindset. You have to be willing to make C.H.A.N.G.E (
Everybody strap in, seat belts on, and eyes on the road ahead. We're going for a ride and the bumps should be a pleasure to hit because navigation is locked on a particular course. It's called success; it's called business; it's called growth - call it what you will. We're just gettin' warmed up and I'm behind the wheel - so, ready or not Here I Come! Abundant Health & Wellness harnessed by the Powers of You! Who'd had thunk? 2017 will bring to the stage Powerful Summits and Conferenc
January 09, 2017
Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy! I am Premium now, Oh Boy. I intend to be a sponge for all this site can provide for me so that I can expand what I provide for you. The future looks good because what I foresee is a strong foundation to build upon a solid constructed business model using proven methods. I will follow in the path paved with time-proven, effective, and fruitful results. The view from the Summit will have made the climb, the slips, and even the mistakes all worth it. Want to be success
Every journey begins with a first step, and all the subsequent steps along the way. Seems the light at the end of the tunnel shines a tad bit brighter, eh? Won't listen to the voices or quips behind my back - there is a reason they are behind me now! See yoiu on the Road Less Traveled ... paved with small successes known as steps taken along the way.
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