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August 29, 2018
LIVING IN THE CAR EXPERIENCE REWARDEDWOW two great things have happend over the last seven (7) days - firstly the book I was writing while living in the car was completed and scrutinised by a business associate. Secondly I made Ambassador on Wealthy Affiliate. Two great achievements in one week - I am simply stunned.The book is now going to be published by ACE Publishing into an EBook which will sell on Amazon and Apple I am told. Still have a lot of details to work out, but I feel that the
August 24, 2018
Surprised to open the computer this morning to find that I am an ambassadorStill lots and lots to learn but everyday opens new doors and new avenues to explore
July 15, 2018
FAITHSince the disaster of the GFC I have been bumping around from Pillar to Post sourcing a stable working environment to re-establish myself and get back to being in the Millionaire Club and buying another home. Most people would know that to have animals is great but when you have to rent no one wants your animals in their house, despite the fact that they themselves had animals. Having moved from Outback Queensland to the leafy suburbs of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia just over tw
October 13, 2017
Well having moved States and settled once more into the world of internet marketing I can tell you that there is simply no reason why anyone should fail. There are so many opportunities out there and I have found many. They pop up everywhere and while we cannot use all of them there is something there for everyone. Losing is for losers and so is not winning. Winning is a no brainer and if you have started with Wealthy Affiliate you have a good foundation on which to build whatever platform
June 08, 2016
I have always been ambitious and it has caused some grief along life's path. I have found that people with big dreams have big hearts and a huge capacity for work. I have even been accused of being a perfectionist, a workaholic and one of my children even suggested that I annoyed them because "everything you do you do well". Fortunately or unfortunately I was brought up by a father that said "if you don't work you don't eat" and that made a n indelible impression on me as a young child. I a
May 19, 2016
I heard some great new last night - Doctors working in Brisbane, Australia have made a new discovery - they have been taking stem cells from a persons' nose and trialling them for use in repairing spinal cord damage for eventual use in paralysed and wheelchair bound patients.. The excitement bubbling through the medical community is having a rippling effect around the world. I am excited as any new innovation in the medical field is good news as it offers HOPE to those who are in those situ
We all complain but have we ever stopped and listened to ourselves when we do? I don't think so - we are so busy venting that sometimes things are said and we never quite remember what we said. It is at those times we should have a tape recorder on and ready to play back when we have calmed down. If we could but listen to ourselves when we are complaining we would be amazed at what came out of our mouths. It would certainly give as a good idea of what we had to do to change circumstances.
May 17, 2016
I am often amused at some of the comments I read on this site. People want to make money but they do not want to put in the effort or the money. I think we all struggle with finances one way or another but anything worthwhile is worth the effort and expense. I do not know of any other enterprise that allows one to test the waters for seven (7) days before committing to the first month. I do not know of another organisation who gives a huge discount for the first month to allow people to get
May 15, 2016
Road are for journeys - not destinations. Learning and innovation go hand in hand.On the road to success you can be sure of one thing .....There is never a crowd on the extra mile. There is no ideal solution to any kind of challenge other than being patient and seeking good advice. Obstacles are as natural as victories and should be seen as stepping stones towards your goals. If someone refuses to meet you half way then go the whole way on your own.I have found over the years that when one
April 18, 2016
I wonder how many people are working at a 9-5 j o b (Just Over Broke) - and then double up doing a second j o b (just over broke) backbreaking, time consuming, faith destroying enterprise who have not yet heard of Wealthy Affiliate. The opportunities that are here need to be lauded to all and sundry, loudly and clearly, and the self same experience offered to us, offered to those who really need to be here and learn how to set themselves up for a financially secure future. This future is not