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Last Update: July 15, 2018


Since the disaster of the GFC I have been bumping around from Pillar to Post sourcing a stable working environment to re-establish myself and get back to being in the Millionaire Club and buying another home.

Most people would know that to have animals is great but when you have to rent no one wants your animals in their house, despite the fact that they themselves had animals. Having moved from Outback Queensland to the leafy suburbs of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia just over twelve (12) months ago, and finally starting to find my feet, I am once again looking for a place to lay my head. It is always a challenge when you are sharing with others, especially if they don't understand or believe in what you are trying to achieve.

Fortunately I have enough faith in my abilities, and having come through the University of Hard Knocks, this little set back is not likely to stop me. I know what my goals are, I know where I want to go, I have the guts, determination and persistence to get there - EVENTUALLY - but I do note that a lot of people new to Wealthy Affiliate and just getting started, want to know how soon they are going to make money. No-one can predict the outcome for another and neither should we try. All we can do is advise them that this is the ONLY place they will get ALL the training they need to succeed and all the education and help that others trying to set up in business simply do not have access to, AND FOR SUCH A LOW MONTHLY OUTLAY. Some places charge that amount just for hosting.


Having always been involved in the finance industry and helping people to achieve high returns on their investments I became a Consultant for a company that has several subsidiaries and to which I consult to all of them. On top of that I have undertaken another consultancy from a different company - again dealing with finance. The only issues I have with those dealings is that one has to wait for commissions to come in - much like real estate - you do not get paid if you do not sell a property.

So, I determined to register a couple of business entities, which I have, and write blogs and posts to inform the world at large that there are indeed opportunities out there for those looking to get the best return of interest on their investment. Where did I decide to set up that new website? - why Wealthy Affiliate of course. Even though I am sold on the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate - others can be stubbon. I have a friend who despite all the information given about this site is determined to pay thousands of dollars to a web builder. They then have to try and figure out how to put content on their site. Simply ridiculous and a waste of resources, in my opinion.

Why would anyone want to spend any more than they have to when trying to build a business and lifestyle. With Wealthy Affiliate you can do so much and have complete control over your website. Having done the education you have the ability to set yourself up so that you can - EVENTUALLY - reap the rewards of utilising the wonderful array of information that is afforded those who are prepared to put in the effort and WAIT for the rewards to come.

I am aware that when people join Wealthy Affiliate they are looking for SOMETHING that will get them into a lifestyle and an income to support that lifestyle but this is not a get rich scheme - it is a viable, sustainable passage to a successful, thriving online business and only by genuine input and WORK will that success be achieved. The support is there from the founders right through to the members and that kind of support you DO NOT GET starting a business anywhere else.

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Very inspiring, thank you.
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