Heartbreaking moments

Last Update: February 10, 2018

Just yesterday I was able to finish writing a post reviewing some products. Took all day long to research the information, choosing just the right wording, planning how to write as there were some statistics on the various products that are not published.

Finally finished it all up at 11pm and went for the publishing phase. Spell check, all ok, original content, all ok. Publish! Went to check on the post and lo and behold, everything was a total mess. I had saved my work often and now, half was missing, and of the other half, in places where I never put them. Checked the backup of my post and it too was a total wreck.

Not sure what happened, but I will tell you that everything was then deleted by me. So disgusting, all that hard work.

Fret not as I have taken a long walk around the river banks to clear my head and try to lift my spirits. This morning, another decision was made to re-write the entire post. Since I have the original notes, its just another couple of hours work. My point here is that just as devastating the feeling I got from that experience, I am not willing to give up. Same with WA! If you give up too early before you can see results, you will have wasted a lot of time and energy.

Like the old saying goes, "if at first you don't succeed, re-write it" (adapted for the WA thing).

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PoppaJoe Premium
Update, I have re-written all my material and saved it all. Went to look at it this morning and once again, most of it is missing and all screwed up. Links appearing where they do not belong, H3 captions that were never made. Maybe I should move on and forget about this one entirely. I've got better things to do.
jwlewis777 Premium
Wow, thats crazy.
This is happening in the siteContent editor correct?
I would submit a support ticket on this. Clean up the post and copy it to either MS Word, OpenOffice docs or google docs, just to have a hard copy.

For this to happen twice now is very strange. I say get support involved. Maybe in the future, write the post in one of the text editors and just copy it into content so that you will always have a good backup.

I'm sorry you have to go through this.
MKearns Premium
What a bummer. Glad you're pulling it together now Joseph!
webbsight Premium
Man! That would crush me as it takes me a couple weeks to research and write a quality post. I hope that never happens. I have been thinking about saving on file as I go though a project so my work Is not lost in such a case . Onwards and upwards my friend .

Wishing you the best

ContentBySue Premium
An excellent post on determination and overcoming obstacles. I've found, at times, that when I have to rewrite a piece, it turns out better than the first one. Still frustrating, I know.

All the best to you.

PoppaJoe Premium
I agree with you and that is the reason why I don't want to give up on it.
jwlewis777 Premium
That's great to hear and very glad to see you plowing forward! That would definitely be devastating!

Not sure why that happened. I once closed the content editor on accident right before publishing and freaked out. Thank God for the auto backup in my case.

Good luck and best wishes on your new post!
PoppaJoe Premium
Unfortunatly for me, the auto backup was just as messed up which is why I just deleted the entire post.