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Last Update: July 16, 2016

after travelling for a few days down through the interior of this huge state of Western Australia from Newman I have come to realise that apart from the southern wheat belt which we went through on the earlier part of our trip, the rest of the it is fairly unproductive as far as pasture development and stocking goes. There are big holdings that run quite a number of cattle though.

From the road, most of the way down is you can see numerous mines large and small. I think most are gold mines which brings us to probably the biggest which is at a place called Kalgoorlie and the area around where we are at the moment. There is a huge history of the hardships and success that the settlers went through when establishing there areas which I cannot put in here. You could read about some of it for a couple of days. One point of interest we visited to day was the famous "redlight" area which flourished in those times and still functions today.

Tomorrow we head back towards home which will take a couple of weeks where a lot of the places we go through was mentioned in earlier blogs. We will get a few photos this time of the "nullabor Plain" and put them in probably my final blog in a weeks time Again across this area communication is difficult so will do it when we get near home.

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Tirolith Premium
Have a game of golf on the way.
PLowrey Premium
yeah, thought of that but I did not bring my sticks with me
Regards Peter
MPollock Premium
Great post, a part of the world I would love to see. Being here with your posts is like dreams coming true.