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We left Kalgoorlie bright and early and started our trip back over some of the country we started on, coming from west to east with 3000 km in front of us over the Nullabor Plain. Usually it takes 4-5 days for the journey but having been over it seven weeks ago we wasted no time in getting home. No complaints though it was full of interest with all the heavy traffic and the different types of folk you meet. As you can see it was quite wet, which we got a lot of but still it was good for the far
July 16, 2016
after travelling for a few days down through the interior of this huge state of Western Australia from Newman I have come to realise that apart from the southern wheat belt which we went through on the earlier part of our trip, the rest of the it is fairly unproductive as far as pasture development and stocking goes. There are big holdings that run quite a number of cattle though.From the road, most of the way down is you can see numerous mines large and small. I think most are gold mines which
July 11, 2016
Left Port Hedland about a week ago, had a few days at a place called "Pardo Station" basically tp have a spell and a bit of R& R and some fishing before turning south down to the heart of this material that is railed from the Newman mine to Port Hedland for shipping..We arrived here yesterday and you soon realise that everything at this place is on a massive scale, I mean a massive scale. It is a town of approx. 2000 people where everything is totally geared around this mine. Mt Whaleback
July 07, 2016
We have been at Kaaratha for the past week which is basically a city created as a result of the huge shipping port that is here. The two main exports are natural gas and iron ore. It has these extremely long jetties which have conveyer belts carrying the ore directly onto the ships that line up to be loaded in the portThe country up here is very rugged with many rock areas. It is clear that there is no value on top the ground, but there is huge wealth underneath. Many travelling tourists come t
June 27, 2016
Our next stop was at another coastal town called Denham. Generally we were a little disappointed, although a lot of development is being done in the foreshore area though which will be nice when finished. The big attraction in this area is at one of the close beaches called "Monkey Mia". I don't know the origin of the name, but is certainly famous here in Australia, and maybe in some other countries, but what is here is the dolphins which come in from the ocean every day to put on their displa
June 16, 2016
After leaving Jurien Bay we travelled for several hours up the coast to our next stop at Kalbarri. The following day we did a trip to one of the many national parks up this area of the country and spent several hours driving to different points, and going on walking paths to view from the scenery and the deep ravines which were hundred's of feet deep.The interesting rock formation along with the explanations of it's history was informative and interesting. These parks are always popular as th
June 13, 2016
Travelled 300 miles up north yesterday to a coastal town called Jurien Bay, where are setup in a caravan park right in the middle of town with great facalities around us. The girls have the shops next door and we have a fishing jetty just behind isApparently this area was discovered way back in 1801 by a French naval explorer Nicholas Boudin and named it after Charles Jurien an administrator with the French Navy.In the 1950's and 60's growing demand in Australia's rock lobster caused a lot of
June 09, 2016
For our final few days down the bottom end we have based ourselves in a little town called Nannup. It is central to several areas we want to see. On our first day we travelled to a town called "Busselton". It is in a tourist area down here, as is most of this area along with all the wineries close by. This town's big attraction is it's jetty that travels 1800 meters out into the ocean. It is the longest wooden plie jetty in the southern hemisphere.It was established in 1851 so it has been arou
June 06, 2016
After coming down to Esperance from the Nullabor, we spent the next day having a rest from our recent Nullabor crossing. Esperance has a population of approx 8000 and is a port which ships a lot of wheat from the southern wheat belt here in western Australia. The following day was wet so we went for a drive to the "The La Grand National Park" which would have been spectacular only the for the weather.The following day we travelled to a tourist attraction called "wave rock" , being a holiday wee
June 01, 2016
On our next day out we left Streaky Bay early and spent most of the day travelling through light timber and scrub country. The one thing that was great are the roads, they are wide and smooth, great for long distance travelling. After an hour or so we gradually come into open plains again which is the start of the famous "Nullabor Plain". That was the end of the day for us so we set up camp at the Nullabor Road house for the night.Next morning we set off into this vast plain with no trees and r