Affiliate sites not secure?

Last Update: January 10, 2017

I worked all day and finally got my green lock! Then I got curious after fixing so many affiliates links, visited my networds (, and NONE of them has a green padlock. Should I be concerned? Also, do I need to notify them that I have SSL now?

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leoemery Premium
The SSL certificate only affects your site, it only secures information you may gather on your site - such as credit card information and such.

Whether you have one or not makes no difference to your associated affiliate.

Because any visitor purchasing through your affiliate link will do their transaction on that affiliate site not yours.

Hope that helps
plkelly Premium
I understand that -- but when I place a banner ad from one of those sites, my little green button goes away and is replaced by the 'i'. I worked so hard to get that padlock, I want it there all the time. LOL!

LaurieB73 Premium
I am having the same issue with Linkshare and also eBay. Their banners are causing issues with my site losing the green padlock. I've contacted Linkshare and this is an article that they sent me.

"In an ongoing effort to ensure that consumer traffic is secure, our developers here at Rakuten Affiliate Network (RAN) have been working to make certain that our network complies with the latest third-party improvements and industry standards for security. Most recently, Apple announced changes it is making to iOS called the App Transport Security, which will require apps to use HTTPS for any web resource the app is utilizing. Similarly, on desktops, Google Chrome and several other browsers are starting to implement more prominent identification methods that warn consumers when the pages they are viewing are not secure.

To support these changes, Rakuten Affiliate Network is working to ensure a smooth transition for our partners. This means that we will support ads to be served from the Rakuten Affiliate Network Ad Servers using HTTPS and also support the click links to use HTTPS."

Here is the response to a direct email that I sent them, regarding the links causing my site to lose the green padlock. Great customer service, by the way, as I received a response back from them in 24 hours or less.

"I am sorry to learn about the inconveniences with the links. Upon checking this internally, the links which are provided does not affect the level of security on your website and the links are secure as well. The traffic is sent directly to the advertiser's website regardless it being a https or http, as the traffic is redirected through our server which tracks the activity for you and the advertiser. The links shall get automatically updated as per the system requirements."

I hope that this helps. It sounds as though things will be updated and then we'll all have the green padlock.