This is What Newbies Should Learn Before Attempting Website

Last Update: August 30, 2020


Hello, My WA Community Members and Friends. Once more I have been trying soo hard to reserve some extra time to see myself writing and posting this Blog Post.

Body of my Blog.

Things that I did not Know and put into consideration before I introduced my Website to the world.

I admit that I was New to this business and all the education or studies from OEC were all new in my life. So at the beginning I was doing things of let me try this and see whether it will work, but to tell you the truth, is that Midway last Month of July, as I took time and started reading the community's blogs and training I discovered that WA was Not what I thought it would be the way it's doing what members give to others.

Point of this Blog

I want to talanythin the Website and the quality of articles to be published. What is needed to be done before you can say I have published an Article today.

Well before I learned about this, I was just doing what I didn't think would be of great importance and value to the whole world until I started seeing my Google Analytics showing me users from parts of the world including China, USA as my major and followed by my own country, Indonesia, Argentina, UK and many more.

Then this woke me up and started meaning business and since that time I don't want even to hear about anythin that would put my site in trouble.

All along I had been just reading some of the information from numerous Websites and books too until I gathered enough for a good post then I publish without doing any other work.

And I tell you that since I discovered that this was involved with what is terned as "Plagiarized" contents which can even result into a crime of Data theft this has forced me to write this Blog and open up to many of my communith members who are still new to Wealthy Affiliate such that they don't fall into the same mistake I had fallen into.

When I discovered of the mistake I had made I asked the community here in Our Good Live chat for advice, I was introduce to a "Plugin" that checks for the plagiarized contents.

This is a tool which I didn't know in my life that it existed which I never knew. Because if I took up my research up to this level I would not had suffered with the pages of my plagiarized information.

Now as I post this I believe that this Post will help many other Newbies to the platform of WA.

By doing this I want to let all the new member know that when it comes to publication of web posts they need to be 100% unique such that it would be immediately and fast "Indexed" by Google.

As its said that Google loves a High quality and Plagiarism Free Content, for any of the Website in the world, and not only google but also the other search engines like Bing & Yahoo.

I owe a big THANKS to all WA member friends and Network but most especially to Jaz. I love all members from Live chat I encourage New members to use live chat more often in case they encounter problems they could not solve by themselves.

Another word to a wise which has been said and done is that always aim at 1 or 2 post publication in a week and if you could not at least try 1.

Have a Good Sunday Evening

I would like all members to read this and leave comments below afterwards. I hope this is no offense to ask for your opinion in form of comments.

Thanks and be healthy & Fit.

Signed by: KP.


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Jasmine1977 Premium
This is sound advice! I’ve chosen a niche that no doubt will be discussed by many blogs and writers, it would be good to know my posts are relatively unique and fresh. I would be horrified to think I was copying what someone is saying. That being said, how do they differentiate? There are many ways to talk about the same subjects and my guess is everyone’s experience on a subject is...subjective lol
What are some good plagiarism tools out there to use?

Pkizito1 Premium
OK, thanks for your reply. I think you can use a free online PR Plagiarism Checker and SmallSeo Tools these can also go premium.
GabrielHG Premium
Thank you for the info, will keep it in mind.
Pkizito1 Premium
You are welcome
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Very true and relevant.
Pkizito1 Premium
Most welcome
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - yes, I mentioned to you a month ago that most of your content was plagiarized, so I am pleased you are now addressing the problem.

Some members may also be under the impression that using article spinning software gets round the subject of plagiarism but they don't work. Not only do they re-write the article in such a way that it doesn't make sense, but Google can recognise that software has been used.
Pkizito1 Premium
Thanks Diane.