First $4000 Commission Month With Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: June 27, 2017

I have been an affiliate marketer for 4 years and this month I finally made it past the $4000 commission mark for the first time! Last year I was hovering around $1000, then $2000. At the start of this year, I had a couple of months that went up to about $3000 in commissions. Anyone else remember how breaking through a milestone like this felt? Did you continue to get more and more commissions? Did you plateau or keep increasing ?

I can tell you it feels GOOD! I think my eureka moment has been promoting higher commission products. Working harder on ranking my site etc.

Good luck people!

Thanks, Russell

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RyanG86 Premium
Keep up the hard work!
ThomasTay Premium
Hi Russell,
Nice to meet you online and cheer to your success by learning all the techniques from WA here. Good job.
EnjoyWA Premium
Thanks for sharing your success. It is motivating!
Jonathanr67 Premium
I can't congratulate you enough Russell as many people, including myself, have yet to reach such a milestone and I understand it takes hard work to accomplish. If you don't mind telling us, how did you go about your strategies to accomplish such a feat?
Hi - sure no problem. I have 2 stock trading review websites that I sell affiliate products. The products are stock trading courses. I write reviews of the courses, perform simple SEO optimization of the posts and articles (using yoast SEO plugin for free on wordpress, very easy to use). I drive traffic from social media and stock trading forums and people buy some of the products that I advertise. I have about 500 visitors per day between the two sites. The choice of affiliate program has been key - I chose one that they perform great email marketing on the leads that I send them (so pretty good conversions) and I get good commissions ($120 - $1000) per sale. I started an offline business that freed up my time to work on building the targeted traffic to the sites. Hope this helps! I have tried a lot of different affiliate programs that made me some money (like amazon etc) but just can't get the traffic to make decent money!