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Wealthy Affiliate is very much geared to helping new affiliate marketers setup a website from scratch and earn their first few dollars in affiliate commissions. I have done this a few times with great success. However, as any experienced member of Wealthy Affiliate will know - the process of setting up a new site from scratch is hard work and time consuming. A few months ago I decided to buy a website from Flippa. I have had four years of affiliate marketing experience so I basically re-investe
Wealthy Affiliate Income ReportWell this was the best month ever for my affiliate marketing side business! The total commissions generated for the month of June, from the four affiliate programs that I am currently promoting was $6800. The majority of the commissions came from a stock trading educational product (screen shot shown above) that made $6327 in June 2017. This was also the month that I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Some of the individual commissions were as large as $1000 each. This mon
I just wanted to update my first blog post with some screen shots to back up my $4500 month of June with affiliate income. Please see the attached image if you are curious - this was the bulk of my income but I also earned a few hundred dollars through other affiliate networks (including amazon and clickbank). I can't wait to get more involved in the WA community! Looking to grow my income to $200k per month.Good luck all!Russell
I have been an affiliate marketer for 4 years and this month I finally made it past the $4000 commission mark for the first time! Last year I was hovering around $1000, then $2000. At the start of this year, I had a couple of months that went up to about $3000 in commissions. Anyone else remember how breaking through a milestone like this felt? Did you continue to get more and more commissions? Did you plateau or keep increasing ? I can tell you it feels GOOD! I think my eureka moment has been