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Last Update: May 17, 2017

Hello everyone! My name is Rina and as you can see Philipp and I have just recently joined the WA community so we are still at the very first steps. But surprisingly to me, I can say a lot about this "brief journey". As some of you have probably seen, Philipp was the one who started this journey by joining WA with the hope that it is the bridge to fulfilling our common dream, or at least a step toward it. (We'll probably write a blog on that soon, so stay tuned ;)!)

And to be honest, I was a little skeptical at the beginning (probably most of you can relate), but not because I didn't like the idea of entering the online business world, but for the only reason that it all seemed somehow "too good and easy to be true". Although I read the reviews and what people had to say about WA, their successful work and being able to do what they want, it still was somehow not very convincing to me. But I saw how very excited Philipp was (and still is) about it and how determined, so I decided to encouraged him as well (at least that's what partners do!). Within the first days of becoming a member and getting to know our field of opportunities, working on the tasks of the first lessons and discussing on what we want and how to get there, it all became very interesting to me as well and I found myself more dedicated, working harder and helping with the lessons. I like the simplicity of it and that there is always an answer if you get stuck somewhere.

What I enjoy the most and never ceases to amaze me, is getting to know you people, the community of WA, reading your profile description, your blogs, your comments and adding more friends everyday. It is very impressive how everyone here is very supportive, welcoming and always ready to help. For me it is also extraordinary that even Kyle and Carson and the other helpers are always there to help, which is not usually the case in other online businesses. So thanks for that!

In order to not make this blog a book...I am very happy that Philipp added me as an official member and I am looking forward to working hard and contributing on achieving our goals.

So, best of luck to all of you and to many new achievements and friendships! Cheers!

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MKearns Premium
A great find and journey Rina!
kasage00 Premium
I too was skeptical when I was first introduced to WA. I thought it was going to be a get rich quick scheme which I would throw money out the window. I read reviews on WA and a vast majority of them were good. I thought I'd give the 7-day trial a shot to give it a chance. Sure enough, I really got to enjoy WA and went premium.