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January 04, 2018
Hi again FolksI want to give people here at WA a heads-up on spam emails that may hit our website email accounts from time to time.Now that we have our websites up and running, we will probably have an email account or two set up, specifically for our websites.....something like and so on and so forth.So we are cannon fodder for these spammers and also for online bots that trawl the internet for newly published email accounts.I am no diffe
December 25, 2017
Hi there again,Here's wishing all the members and staff here at WA a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New year.Looking forward to getting stuck in again as soon as possible and back to the business of improving and enhancing our websites. With 12 months just completed, I guess we are much more competent and experienced in the ways of Wealthy Affiliate. Have a great Christmas, talk soon,Cheers Phil Browne
Last wekend, I happened to read a local advertising magazine when an advert caught my eye. It was from a local printing company and lately they have advanced into the business of website design. Nothing wrong with that you might say.... absolutely. The issue that had me taken aback was what they were offering in their advert. In their standard website package, they offered to construct a website, that was fully optimised for Google Search Engine and they would also, uniquely design 5 website pa
September 29, 2017
Hi again folksHerewith is a short post on how to use SERP and how easy it is to find out exactly where and how are posts are doing, ie, are they indexing and getting good rankings within Google. The link is attached below. note there is a free and also a paid version. I have not upgrade as of yet, but may do so later on, so for now we will use the free version.Step 1, Click on the attached link and that will take us into their website to begin our results search.
September 21, 2017
Hi again,I recently recieved an email from the above company E-Commerce Affiliate asking me to join their company.They wrote that they are a great new company and would offer some great commissions for their affiliates...anywhere from 4% and up to 50% in some casesI checked their online presence and found that they have some good reviews and also some not so good reviews......The other point that had me thinking about their credibility was - they sent me this email on Sunday evening at 4.45pm.
September 07, 2017
Hi again folksI have come across another interesting online post and it deals with a very common title that is being used here from time to time.It is basically the usage of the words 'How to' and what people are requesting and searching for online using these two wordsSearches like........... How to make money,how to lose belly fat,How to lose weight, How to.....etc etcit appears, according to this article that the use of these words has increased considerably over the past twelve months, so t
Hi again folksThis is just a quick update on a post that we covered here some time ago. Apparently Google were having some issues with indexing and analytics within their reports.This fact had been mentioned on the forums here on numerous occasions and some members ( including myself ) were noticing that our rankings had fallen off somewhat and seemed to be loosing ground compared to previous weeks and months.I have just read an article online concerning this issue and it seems that the problem
August 05, 2017
Hi again folksI have come across an article on 'Google Search Console' and this same post may explain some of the issues that have been raised here on WA forums lately.I have seen some posts here from frustrated memebers ( including myself ) as to why their pages have not been indexed by GSC.Google attempts to explain some of the these issues in this article and have stated that they will be giving further explanations as they go forward.In this post, there is not a whole lot of info, but hopef
April 14, 2017
Hi there,I would like to wish all fellow WAers a Happy Easter and Holiday for this long weekend.I hope the sun shines where ever you are in the world and you have a great time. As I am here I also would like to continue with a general update of where I am with my project.I have finished the Cert. Course Training some weeks ago and back then, I have set myself some goals for the rest of this year, which were, to write approx three posts every week and to get my site sociable.I am endeavouring to
March 17, 2017
Hi there to everyone in WA and elsewhereGreetings from Ireland on this special day,I just want to wish everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate a very happy St Patricks Day and best wishes to everyone else in what ever part of the world you are..Have a great day and good luckCheers and best wishes againPhilip Browne