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Last Update: February 04, 2015

Hi folks, I've been thinking recently how great it would be if those of us that live near(ish) to one another could physically meet up and go for a coffee, beer or whatever your poison is, to talk WA and anything else in between. What do you think?


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Caraid Premium
Hi Peter

Great idea and must admit I had been thinking along "similar" lines.

However location is one thing as this is a global community. Not everyone puts there country let alone location in their profile.
Also discussing such on this forum could "potentially" lead to a group of 100 turning up at the local. Would not be too productive or relaxing

I had also thought of another way of people getting together for mutual support, moral, technical or just a friendly chat or whatever on a more personal level.

But feel if I said anything within the community I could end up with 5000 responses.

I think the only way forward realistically is for people who appear to get on well via mutual discussions in the community to PM each other
and take it from there.
Peter36 Premium
Well said, you've made a valid point :)
skyline2178 Premium
Hi man,
Great idea! But talking about distance is one thing that needs to be considered. On other hand, if all agree then it will be cool meeting and sharing ideas. Wishing you the best in your business.