I'm so not going to make Vegas!

Last Update: June 10, 2015

Hey folks, don't worry this isn't going to be a post about how much I'm feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted to say that I'm will NOT be going to Vegas this or maybe even next, I've been doing this for 8 months and I haven't made a single sale. Why am I telling you this? No, not to feel sorry for myself; but to let anyone else that is in my position know that you should just enjoy the process of building your site and your brand as I do and the money WILL follow. I'm sure of it!

It has to, other wise I'm doing this all for nothing lol!

Anyway, that's it - remember, KEEP ON TRUCKIN guys and gals :)


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EdyIsChandra Premium
Hi Peter,
I just visited your website and found it awesome BUT..
Your content seems to be inconsistent. This means that:

1) Your fonts style keep chaging from one article to another.
2) The paragraphing doesn't have space. You need to rest your reader eyes. I would say max 5 lines each paragraph.
3) Your content don't get shared! YOU are the one who need to share it. At very least, share on your G+ account.
4) I encourage you to watch Jay video's at least once a week. Just choose the one that ralates to ranking. Keyword research, writing content, etc.
Start here if you haven't done so: 5) Make sure to learn from other websites in term of content structure. See how others are doing, and you can tweak your own website.

Follow these 5 and you should see major improvements on your site. Don't be afraid to change things up alright :)

I will see you in Vegas!
larryf20865 Premium
I feel the same, Bro!!

If not next year or the year after WE will see each other in Vegas!!

Peter36 Premium
I look forward to it Larry mate :)
ninjazrb Premium
Hey Pete. Don't get down on yourself. Keep working hard on your site and you'll get there eventually. You can make Vegas next year. I believe in you. You just have to work hard and push through any hardships. Good luck.